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Falling phantoms sign
A Phantom sign, located in The Lost Temple Of Zios
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Phantoms sleep
Phantoms appear when enough Jammers sleep in the Lost Temple of Zios.
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Trapped phantom
A Giant Trapped Phantom in a den.
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Falling Phantoms Game
Falling Phantoms game
Phantom Plushies are a beta item for your den and can be won rarely at the claw.
Phantoms are very menacing, savage creatures that often attack Jamaa. Often, the Alphas mention them. There are several minigames in which the player fights, battles, defeats, or tries to escape from phantoms, and usually there is a prize at the end.

Phantoms and Phantoms
These are franchises, and places where phantoms are seen.
Phantoms usually only come out near Halloween or the "Night of the Phantoms," or when the Phantom Vortex appears, as it is the month of shadows and scariness. They would come out whenever three or more Jammers sleep by the broken Zios statue in the Lost Temple of Zios. The Phantoms are viewed as the antagonists or as a complication to games. The most notable of all the phatoms is the Giant Trapped Phantom that can be bought in Epic Wonders. It is said that this may just be a giant phantom or rather dark magic gone wrong. Phantoms are quite common in adventures.

As found in 'The Hive' adventure, the Phantoms live in a hive that is ruled by the Phantom King.

Appearance and Characteristics

Phantoms are black creatures, with eight tenticals (four on the body, four on the head), and one big eye. So far they haven't made any distinct sound other than a scream, as heard in Falling Phantoms, and a squishy sound when they walk. The Phantom King's voice (as heard from its scream and call) is louder and deeper, sounding more powerful than the smaller phantom's screams. They attack by zapping the victim and, as told in an adventures, can only see in a limited distance. Phantoms are not ghosts or demons as many jammers think, they creatures. They simply have macabre characteristics. They are also smaller than Jammers.


"Mira, the Sky Mother, was heartbroken after she lost her companion spirit, Zios, the Sky father. Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the earth of Jamaa. Mira's tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious phantoms that haunt this land today. Because of the sadness and anger that they were created from, the phantoms' only goal is to bring chaos and destruction to Jamaa."

-The Daily Explorer

The phantoms are destructive and rather cold and bitter in nature. They seek only destruction upon the lands of Jamaa, thus ensuring protection of the Alphas. It is rumored that the Alphas fought a ferocious battle against these heinous creatures and all phantoms were pushed into a life of solitude, rarely to be seen since. Since then the Alphas disappeared, but with their return, phantom sightings have increase twofold and many Jamaa citizens have reported attacks on surrounding villages. Jamaa residents can now battle phantoms in the new Animal Jam adventures. 

Proof Of Existence

Where are phantoms seen?

As Jammers, we do not recognize that we are surrounded by phantoms in many places, particularly in dark niches. Phantoms are seen during Halloween, no doubt thanks to the increase of dark magic flowing throughout the lands of Jamaa. Despite the increase of phantoms at this time, there have been no reports of attacks.

Rumors also say that phantoms surround the pit with a fallen statue of Zios when three or more Jammers sleep near its base. Phantoms can also be found near Mira's campfire in Sarepia Forest, maybe a clue towards the disappearance of Mira! Strangely, these creatures do not require any "rituals" to be seen.

In the Animal Jam Adventures, phantoms are the main source of chaos and complication. They stand in your way to find objects and get to places. These phantoms have a purple circle of transparent color around them, that when you stand in zone of it, they can detect you. When they see a Jammer, their tentacles will start spinning and they will chase you. In different adventures they chase you at different speeds. This can be a problem or a good thing, depending. Chomper Plants, when healthy, can 'chomp' up a Phantom when they get too close, rewarding the Jammers with gems and courage points. Jammers can also hide from the phantom's view in Tall Grass. Phantoms also create Phantom pipes that spew sludge into the water in rivers mainly. These can be closed and the rivers clean again by collecting Corks and putting them in the pipes. Phantoms, in Adventures, are created two ways: The first by Phantom Sprouters,which regularly spawn phantoms. These, and their phantoms, can be destroyed with Boomseeds. The second way is by the Phantom King. In the adventures where he is present, he will create phantoms when Angry. Phantoms can be destroyed by Boomseeds and Chomper Plants. 

Also, in the Adventure Base Camp, if your animal walks near the portal to The Hive, you can faintly see multiple looming phantom eyes, staring right at you.
Look out behind you
Look out behind you! (if you look closely there are two phantom eyes staring at me)
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Ace Flea Phantom
In The Play As Your Pet Party In the pet shop there is a ace like flea phantom card.
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  • You can find phantom plushies in a den claw machine.
  • The Tall Phantom Statue, available in pink, yellow, green, red, and blue could have been obtained as a gift by reaching level 5 in the game Phantoms! in Halloween of 2011.
  • During Halloween, the statue of Mira in Jamaa Township is replaced by a Tall Phantom Statue.
  • During 2013's Halloween, shorter and wider versions of the Tall Phantom Statue were given as prizes for reaching level 5 in the game Phantoms! These are called Heavy Phantom Statues. They come in 5 colors: pink, green, yellow, blue, and red.
  • During the 2011 and 2012 Jamaalidays, an Iced Phantom Statue was given as one of the twelve gifts. A little later in the Jamaalidays each year, members can buy a Phantom in Ice.
  • August 2012's Monthly Member Gift was one of the four golden phantom statues.
    Caged phantom
    The Cages Phantom was a previous MMG.
  • Merchandise for phantoms was popular, such as Phantom Hats. Phantoms are often seen captive as Den Items. (e.g Giant Trapped Phantoms, Imprisoned Phantoms, Caged Phantoms)
  • Phantom Invasion, a game located in the Sol Arcade includes the concept of targeting a phantom in a spaceship.
  • Wind Rider, in Sarepia Forest, is a game that also includes phantoms.
  • In Sky High, in Coral Canyons, your game would end if you collide into a phantom.
  • In Twister, a game in Canyons Pathway, phantoms are seen being drawn towards the twister.
  • In Falling Phantoms, a recently added game in the Lost Temple of Zios, the player must avoid falling phantoms.
  • In Best Dressed, one of the themes is to dress like a phantom.
  • "PESKYPHANTOMS" was a code when AJHQ was updating Animal Jam. Imprisoned Phantoms could be obtained with this code. Unforunately, this code expired on May 31, 2012.
  • "AJHQ has been busy defeating against those pesky phantoms and creating new features for all players in Jamaa! You're pawsome for being so patient!" -A letter from AJHQ when they were updating Animal Jam.
  • If enough Jammers sleep in The Lost Temple of Zios, phantoms will come out of the stone pit where the Zios idol is.
  • Some people use wolves, monkeys, and other animals to roleplay as phantoms. Some even make species of phantoms and make them seem friendly.
  • Phantoms could possibly hatch from eggs, as suggested by Phantoms hatching out of the eggs by clicking the Nest of Eggs item. This may not be true, however, because of how a bunny hatches from the eggs, even though bunnies normally don't hatch from eggs.
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