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Phantoms 8331
Species: Phantom
Leader: Phantom King(s)
Origin: Lost Temple of Zios
Powers/Skills: Hypnosis, electricity shocks
Bases: Hives, Great Tower (formally), Phantom Beacon, Phantom Fortress, Phantom Factory
Creation Date: October 30th (unknown year)
Mira's tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious phantoms that haunt this land today. Because of the sadness and anger that they were created from, the phantoms' only goal is to bring chaos and destruction to Jamaa.

- Animal Jam Headquarters about the infamous Phantoms

The Phantoms are the main, only, and first antagonist in Jamaa and terrorize the world they were born into for unknown reasons. Phantoms were created by Mira's tears when Zios, the creator of Jamaa, who allegedly died from an unknown cause. Phantoms first made their actual appearance on Jamaa's first Night Of The Phantoms; before then they were only mentioned from Animal Jam Headquarters of being the upcoming villain.


Average Phantoms: Phantoms are a slightly small, pitch-black creatures with eight tentacles (four on the main body, four on the head) and one large, unblinking, black-pupil eye in the middle of the body.

Phantom Kings: A Phantom King looks different - it is much bigger with violet-purple round spots around its bottom half of the body and a cracked-looking set of spikes on the head, like a crown. 

Phantom Goops: Large black slug-like goop piles with violet-purple outskirts, and one large eye in the middle which is followed by three much smaller eyes.


Their personality are very antagonistic, menacing and savage. The only thing they know is to destroy nature itself - this makes them very sadistic and evil. This is mostly because they were made by Mira's negative emotions or because she felt bitterness from feeling unwanted.


According to the legend from the Beta Testing, it was Mira who made the very first Phantoms from her tears. Modern Phantoms are now spawned from Phantom Sprouters, Phantom Pods, and even the Phantom King(s). According to Greely, Phantoms can't reproduce which means they are unable to have children, along with this, Greely also stated that Phantoms don't have genders and this is probably why they cannot breed.


They first appear in the Return of the Phantoms, where they terrorize a Bunny village by destroying their crops and kidnapping their villagers. Next they appear in The Phantom Portal, where they try to get one of the Phantom Kings into the main land of Jamaa by getting it through a portal. After that in the Meet Cosmo adventure, they terrorize a field where the Koalas live and kidnapping them. Their goal is unknown in this adventure and it was possibly just to have fun by locking up Koalas. In The Hive, the Player enters one of their bases. At the end the a Phantom King appears to try get rid of the Player. In The Great Escape, they seem to have taken over the Great Tower and they are quite happy to take the Player as a prisoner. In the end it is discovered by Greely that they plan to use a volcano to destroy Jamaa. The next adventure, they go ahead with the plan on destroying Jamaa only to be stopped by both Greely and the Player. They are seen when the Player enters the Phantom Vortex in The Search For Greely and try to stop the Player from rescuing Greely. In Bubble Trouble they seem to be making a factory of some sort; believed to be a factory to produce more Phantoms.


The Phantoms appear in all types of games in Jamaa. Mostly being the villain of them all. They appear in games such as Falling Phantoms, Wind Rider, Fruit Slinger and Hedge Hog. They also appear in all the Summer Carnival games as targets.

Side Games

They briefly appears at the start of Tunnel Town in the short animated video. The group of Phantoms try to kidnap a female Bunny but was stopped by the Bunny's supposedly lover. The biggest Phantom of the group creates a portal where the male Bunny is teleported to another dimension. It is unknown if Phantoms can do this on the main game. They also appear in AJ Jump where they try to prevent the Player from going higher by striking them with their electricity.



  • Phantoms' electricity seem to come in colors sometimes. The original electricity was blue, then changed to red, then again to purple. More colors were shown on items such as green, pink and yellow.
  • The meaning of "Phantom" is Ghost. This is understandable because of their ghostly behavior and movement.
  • At the Summer Carnival, you can get cotton candy shaped as a Phantom by choosing black cotton candy, followed by white cotton candy, then black cotton candy again.
  • During the Night Of The Phantoms the Mira's Statue is replaced by a giant red Tall Phantom Statue.
  • It is sometimes believed that the Phantoms killed Zios; this was later proved to be false since the Phantoms were created after Zios' supposed death.

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