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Phantoms 8331
Species: Phantom
Leader: Phantom King(s)
Origin: Lost Temple of Zios
Powers/Skills: Hypnosis, Electrokinesis, Toxikinesis, Bitumenkinesis, Saccharumkinesis, Levitation,
Bases: Hives, Great Tower (formerly), Phantom Beacon, Phantom Fortress, Phantom Factory

Phantom King(s') Lair

Creation Date: October 31st
The Phantoms came through Dark Portals, and they quickly spread through the uninhabited regions of Jamaa. Wherever the Phantoms went, they left a trail of spoiling destruction.

- The Phantoms' introduction in the Rise Of The Phantoms chapter, Animal Jam Insider's Guide

The Phantoms are the first and only major antagonists in Jamaa. For unknown reasons, they terrorize the world they were born into. It is also unknown where they came from. Phantoms first made their actual appearance on Jamaa's first Night Of The Phantoms; before then they were only mentioned from Animal Jam Headquarters, AJHQ for short, of being the upcoming villain.


Average Phantoms: Phantoms are a slightly small, pitch-black creatures with eight tentacles (two on each side of the main body, two one each side of the head) and one large black-pupiled eye in the middle of the body.

Proto-phantoms: Proto-phantoms are much smaller than regular phantoms, only being the size of Pets, and only have two tentacles (one on each side). The color and number of eyes do not differ.

Phantom Kings: A Phantom King looks different - it is much bigger with violet-purple round spots around its bottom half of the body and a cracked-looking set of spikes on the head, like a crown. 

Phantom Goops: Large black slug-like goop piles with violet-purple outskirts, and one large eye in the middle which is followed by three much smaller eyes.


Phantoms are very antagonistic, menacing, aggressive and savage. The only thing they know is to destroy nature itself, giving them a reputation of being sadistic and cruel. It is unknown why they are this way.


According to the legend from the Beta Testing, it was Mira who made the very first Phantoms from her tears. However Animal Jam Headquarters has since changed this, currently saying that the Phantoms came from a foreign world and could have evolved from there. Modern Phantoms are now spawned from Phantom Sprouters, Phantom Pods, and even King Phantom. According to Greely, King phantom is a male and this is why he can breed. Later on, it was revealed in Bitter Sweets that the Phantoms are using candy to reproduce. It's unknown how they managed to do this.


According to the new legend, Phantoms first appeared through Dark Portals from their own world during the time where Jammers fought with each other. It is unknown why they came to Jamaa, but they seem to want to destroy it. Phantoms started to steal the animal's Heartstones, which caused the animal species to be trapped inside. They took all the Heartstones until there were only six animals left (Pandas, Koalas, Monkeys, Bunnies, Tigers and Wolves). The six remaining animals then started to gather and start an army to fight against the Phantoms. Later, after Mira and Zios' travels to look for help, the Alphas came and helped with the military after being chosen by Mira and Zios to do so. When the Phantoms were defeated and started to flee, they defeated and kidnapped Zios, leaving behind his mask, and went into a Dark Portal. Mira followed them quickly into the portal as well. It is unknown what the Phantoms have done with the two gods.


Return of the Phantoms: They first appear in the Return of the Phantoms, where they terrorize a Bunny village by destroying their crops and kidnapping the villagers.

The Phantom Portal: They appear in The Phantom Portal, where they try to get one of the Phantom Kings into the main land of Jamaa by bringing it in through a portal-gate.

Meet Cosmo: After that in the Meet Cosmo adventure, they terrorize a field where the Koalas live and kidnapping them. Their goal was unknown in this adventure; possibly, it was just to have fun by locking up the field's inhabitants.

The Hive: In The Hive, the Player enters one of their bases. At the end a Phantom King appears to try get rid of the Player.

The Great Escape: In The Great Escape, they have taken over the Great Tower and are quite happy to take the Player as a prisoner. In the end it is discovered by Greely that they plan to use a volcano to destroy Jamaa.

Greely's Inferno: The next adventure, they go ahead with the plan on destroying Jamaa only to be stopped by both Greely and the Player.

The Search For Greely: They are seen when the Player enters the Phantom Vortex while trying to stop the Player from rescuing Greely.

Bubble Trouble: In Bubble Trouble they seem to be making a factory of some sort; believed to be a factory to produce more Phantoms.

In Too Deep: They seem angry when the Player starts to destroy their factory. And it is discovered that they have captured the Dolphin Alpha Tavie.

Turning The Tide: The Phantoms try to prevent anyone from rescuing Tavie and they have easily captured the Bottlenose Squad. Near the end, many of them are defeated by both the Player and the Bottlenose Squad.


The Phantoms appear in all types of games in Jamaa. Mostly being the villain of them all. They appear in games such as Falling Phantoms, Wind Rider, Fruit Slinger and Hedge Hog. They also appear in all the Summer Carnival games as targets.

Side Games

They briefly appear at the start of Tunnel Town in the short animated video. The group of Phantoms try to kidnap a female Bunny but was stopped by the bunny's supposed lover. The biggest Phantom of the group creates a portal where the male bunny is teleported to another dimension. It is unknown if Phantoms can do this on the main game. They also appear in AJ Jump where they try to prevent the Player from going higher by striking them with their electricity.


Surprisingly, despite their tendency to electrocute innocent Jammers, Phantoms are actually sold at one spot in Jamaa. Although they are also part of the sales in the Diamond Shop, they are most commonly known to be sold at the Adventure Base Camp. You can buy Phantom Crates, Phantom Cages, Phantom Coops, Phantom Pens, Phantom Lockboxes and Phantom Cells. Each of these differ in appearances, and all are members-only excepting the Phantom Crate. Members can also change the colour of the electric bolts emitted by the Phantoms inside the cages. Inside these containers, the Phantoms are animated: they waft up and down. Each Phantom is securely locked up, as clearly shown by the protective metal padlocks and wooden planks sealed tightly, so that they may not escape.

Phantom Crate: 800 gems

Phantom Coop: 1,000 gems

Phantom Pen: 1,200 gems

Phantom Lockbox: 1,200 gems

Phantom Cage: 1,400 gems

Phantom Cell: 1,600 gems

Phantom-based items are also released throughout the year, mostly at Halloween / Night of the Phantoms, and these items can be clothes-items or den-items. Some are real Phantoms; others are novelty items based on the monsters.


  • Occasionally, Phantom electricity comes in colors. The original electricity was blue, then changed to red, then again to purple. More colors were shown on items such as green, pink and yellow.
  • The meaning of "Phantom" is Ghost. This is understandable because of their ghostly behavior and movement.
  • At the Summer Carnival, you can get cotton candy shaped as a Phantom by choosing black cotton candy, followed by white cotton candy, then black cotton candy again.
  • During the Night Of The Phantoms the Mira's Statue is replaced by a giant red Tall Phantom Statue.
  • Night Of The Phantoms, go to the forest and dance around the fire. Something may happen. (Yes, something does happen.)
  • Some believe that phantoms were born from Mira's tears when she was grieving about the death of zios.


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