Phantom Watchers are non-member land den items. They can be earned in The Great Escape as the hard mode prize on the bottom right chest.


  • The Phantom Watcher is a phantom head placed on a stone stand. 
  • It has a purple electric laser that moves in a circular motion.


  • Phantom watchers are laser-like beams that are found in The Great Escape adventure, as well as Greely's Inferno. When the beam hits you, you will be put into a deep sleep immediately. However, you can use a switch to turn them off. In The Great Escape, the trapped monkeys in one of the cells will warn you about the danger of them.
  • When this is placed in a den, clicking the base will cause the head and laser beam to disappear. If you click on the base a second time, they re-appear and keep revolving. They do not put you to sleep in a den.
  • Unlike in adventures, the length of the laser does not change in dens.


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