For the unreleased den item, see Phantom Vortex (Item).
Phantom vortex panorama
The Phantom Vortex is a place that appears during the Night of the Phantoms. During this time, it can be accessed by stepping into swirling portals found in various locations throughout all of Jamaa.


The entrances to the Phantom Vortex appear as black, purple and green swirling portals that resemble Phantoms. The entrances are surrounded by a purple mist of gases and a green atomic glow.

The interior of the Phantom Vortex appears as a small, dark room with a floor consisting of black, swirling patterns that resemble purple and blue phantoms. In the center of the room, there is a glowing platform covered in mysterious symbols and emitting a blue mist. The platform appears to have mysterious symbols on it. On top of the platform is bright light shining down onto a game icon for "Phantoms!".


  • If two players stand on one side of the floor, the phantom pattern that they are standing on will light up.
  • There is an unreleased den item with the same name as this room. It looks completely identical to the phantom-like entrances that lead to this room.