For the queen, see Phantom Queen.
Phantom king

The Phantom Kings are the kings of the Phantoms and the primary antagonists of the 2010 online video game Animal Jam. They seem very heavy as they get dizzy when they body-slam themselves to the ground as an attack. Like most Phantoms, they don't have a gender and their only goal is to make chaos and destruction. It is hinted in The Search For Greely that all the Phantom Kings meet at the Phantom Fortress.


In The Phantom Portal, one of them tries to get through the Phantom Portal and the player sees their arms waving through the portal. The player first sees an entire one and has to fight it in The Hive, and they fight another one in Greely's Inferno. In The Search For Greely, two of them of appear, trying to prevent the player from freeing the trapped Greely. Greely mentions them at the end of the adventure, saying there are many of them and they meet at the Phantom Fortress.


A Phantom King is a very large black phantom with purple splotches around its body. The top of their heads is cracked open, making it look like a crown. Unlike the smaller phantoms, the phantom king only has two tentacles. He is describes to be smaller than the Queen Phantom in the Call of the Alphas.


In the Phantom's Secret novel, he is describe to be loud, obnoxious, coward and cunning as he uses Mt. Magma to destroy Jamaa relating to Greely's Inferno adventure. He can normally talk just like the small phantoms however he is considered to be over-watcher in large groups of Phantoms as he does rounds.

"Every village they built will be destroyed. Their civilization will be in ruins. And any animal who isn't burned by the lava will suffocate in the rain of ash that will befall on this land. Soon the animals will be nothing more than a footnote in the history of Jamaa. A mere fable, a sad story. Mt. Magma will be the end of every animal species. Which means one thing. Finally, Jamaa will be back with its rightful ruler. Me!"

-Chapter 7, The Phantom's Secret

Battles in Adventures

When the player has to defeat a Phantom King in an adventure, the player must act as bait for the Phantom King. Once the player gets close enough to them, they will slam on the ground, causing damage if they are caught under them. When they slam, they become dazed for a few seconds, and the player must use Boomseeds to damage them. After getting hit enough, they will spawn regular Phantoms. Their only attacks are slamming and spawning Phantoms. It takes around 15 hits to destroy a Phantom King.


  • They don't have any dark electric powers like the normal Phantoms except as a shield. This is unusual since a Phantom's bolts are its main weapon.
  • A Phantom King is shown attacking the alphas in Return of the Alphas.
  • Despite a Phantom King only having two arms, three are shown in The Phantom Portal as it is attempting to cross over into Jamaa.
  • Despite the Phantom Kings being genderless, Cosmo and Greely have referred to two of them with male pronouns.

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