Phantom Ball is a single-player mini-game that can be found in the Summer Carnival. It was first introduced during June 2012.


The objective of this game is to roll a ball up a ramp with the right speed and direction so that it launches into a hoop. At the start of the ramp, there is a rotating arrow that indicates speed and direction. The player selects the direction by clicking the mouse when the arrow is pointing in the desired direction, locking the arrow in place. After the direction is set, the arrow's speed meter begins repeatedly filling and draining; the player must click at the right moment based on how much speed is desired. The player is given ten balls to roll and during every turn, one of the hoops will change into a golden hoop, which will increase the score multiplier if a ball is rolled into it. The game ends once every ball has been rolled up the ramp.


This game rewards roughly 3 Tickets for every 40 points scored, but if the score reaches 2,000 points, the reward changes to roughly 2 Tickets for every 40 points with a bonus of 50 Tickets. If the player earns 100 points, which is the smallest possible score, they won't receive any Tickets. The points obtained by rolling a ball into a particular hoop are written on the side of the hoop.


  • Like most of the other games at the Summer Carnival, this game costs 5 Gems to play and it does not have any Achievements associated with it.
  •  This game is based on the arcade game skee ball in real life.
  • There was a glitch where the ball would fire at low power even if the arrow was fully charged.


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