Not to be confused with Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

The Pets Only Party is a party that revolves around Pets. It is only accessible to Jammers that are traveling with a pet. It was first introduced on August 2, 2012.


Pets Only Party Overall View

This party takes place in a small clearing in a forest that is very similar to Sarepia Forest. There is a fire pit at the bottom of the clearing with a small pond off to one side. Wooden stairs at either side lead up to a walkway that weaves through the giant trees in the background. The music that plays in this party is Pet Parade.


The party contains a variety of pet adoption icons for most of the regular, non-Diamond pets. Along the top walkway there is the Pet Wash, the Pet Stop, and shops that pet-themed den items. The Pet Stop offers exclusive pet accessories that can only be obtained from this party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.


  • Disc Toss - Located on the left side of the party, this game involves making a puppy jump at the right time to catch as many frisbees as possible.
  • Sssssnake - Located just above the fire pit, the objective of this game is to control a snake so that they can eat as many mice as possible without biting their own tail.
  • Ducky Dash - Located along the edge of the pond at the bottom left of the party, this game requires the Jammer to help a duck navigate a moving path of lily-pads that is blocked by various obstacles.


Each pet costs 400 gems.

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Pets Members-Only?
Pet Kitty Infobox Pet Kitty Yes
Pet Puppy Infobox Pet Puppy Yes
Pet frog1 Pet Frog Yes
Pet Ducky - Infobox Pet Ducky Yes
PetSnake Infobox Pet Snake Yes
HamsterPic Pet Hamster No
Pet butterfly1 Pet Butterfly Yes
PetTurtle Pet Turtle Yes


The Pets Only Shop sells different items that are all related to pet-themed.

Den Items

These are all members-only.

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Items Gems
Icon Turtle Shell House Turtle Shell House 700
Icon Mouse Plushie Mouse Plushie 400
Icon Snake Habitat Snake Habitat 550
Icon Snake Mat Snake Mat 300
Icon Duck Pond Duck Pond 450
Icon Duck Pillow Duck Pillow 300
Icon Doggy Door Doggy Door 200
Icon Dog Toy Dog Toy 200
Icon Dog Mat Dog Mat 250
Icon Dog Bowl Dog Bowl 150
Icon Dog Bone Dog Bone 150
Icon Dog House Dog House 400


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Item Gems Members-Only?
Icon Pet Parade Pet Parade 100 Yes

Formerly-Sold Items

These are all members-only

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Item Gems
Flat heated rocxk Flat Heated Rock 350
Snake skin Snake Skin 250
Pet-Den-Item-Shop Woven-Basket Woven Basket 300
Duckprints Duck Footprints 250
Duck Nest Duck Nest 300
Grass with Worms Grass With Worms 300
Duck Crossing Sign Duck Crossing Sign 300


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