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The Pet Tarantula is a members-only land pet that was originally the October 2012 Monthly Member Gift. It returned to Jamaa during October 2013 when it was sold in the Diamond Shop. It has since become a seasonal pet that can be purchased in the Diamond Shop every year around the Night of the Phantoms.


The Tarantula has the obvious eight legs with four on each side and a slight bend in each. Its torso is round, similar to that of a sphere, whereas the head is a small cylinder shape. The size and texture of the Tarantula's torso can be changed when buying your pet. This pet has four eyes instead of just two and can be changed to be in different places on the head.


Action Description
It spins a web and begins to flip and hop on the web as if it were a trampoline. When the owner walks in to a source of water, the tarantula hangs from a web in the sky to avoid the water.
Sits facing the way the player's animal is facing.
Throws up a plush fly, catches it, and repeats.
The tarantula stands on it's four legs, the other four going up and down. Similar to the slang: "raising the roof"
The same as it's stand, but hunched down and eyes closed.
Hops up with it's legs spreading, and repeats


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Accessories

These "rare" body accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

  • Pumpkin: The pet's body is replaced by an orange pumpkin with a brown stem.
  • Cupcake: The pet's body is replaced by a pink cupcake with a lit, blue candle.
  • Mushroom: A red mushroom is added on top of the pet's body.
  • Wings: A pair of white wings are added on the back of the pet.


  • Antennae: A pair of pink, curly antennae are added above the pet's eyes.
  • Bow: A large, pink bow is added on the back of the pet.
  • Pirate: A large pirate hat is added on the back of the pet.
  • Caravan: A mobile home appears behind the pet.


  • Leg Warmers: Bright pink leg warmers are added to all of the pet's legs.
  • Socks: White and grey socks are added to all of the pet's legs.
  • Spikes: Many short, sharp spikes are added to all of the pet's legs.
  • Tires: The pet's legs are replaced by four rugged tires.


  • Green Glow: A green, glowing light appears underneath the pet.
  • Red Glow: A red, glowing light appears underneath the pet.
  • Blue Glow: A blue, glowing light appears underneath the pet.
  • Pink Glow: A pink, glowing light appears underneath the pet.


  • Like all other pets, once a tarantula is obtained, additional tarantulas can be purchased for only 400 Gems.
  • There was a glitch in June 2015 that allowed pet tarantulas to be purchased from the pet maker for just 400 Gems, even if the player had not previously obtained one. This glitch has since then been fixed.


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