The Pet Stop is a store in Jamaa. Pet Shops such as Claws 'N Paws and Flippers 'N Fins are located here, where Pets can be accessorized in various different kinds of clothing and trinkets. In the Pets Only Party, one section of the Pet Stop accessory selection screen has been replaced with 'exclusive' items found only in the Pets Only Party.


The Pet Stop resembles the salon area of a classic barber's shop, with a flat stone slate for a desk, which is supported by the two walls, a drawer on the right-underside of the desk, a red chair, two cupboards on the walls on either side of the desk, a mirror, and small salon trinkets on the desk. The Flippers 'N Fins Pet Stop has a similar setup to the Claws 'N Paws Pet Stop, but has sunlight slanting in through a distant hole across the rocky area, and kelp weaving amongst the stone. 


  •  The only four Pets available to all Jammers; Hamster, Joey, Seahorse, Honeybee. They are not authorized to use the Pet Stop if their owner is a non-member Jammer. The pet Squirrel, Gold Bunny, and other pets are also for all Jammers, although they are promo pets.

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