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Pet Snakes are a members-only land pet that were added in the Spring of 2012, and can be bought at Claws 'N Paws for the price of 400 Gems


This is a large serpent. There are four head shapes: A flared, cobra-shaped head; A round head; a squarish head; and a pointed head. The tail can either have a rattle or end in a point. There are four body patterns: blank, stripes, triangles, or spots.


  • Clicked
  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play
Action Description
The snake molts its skin.
Erects body upright slightly higher than normal standing.
Throws an apple in the air and pulls out a chalkboard, clicking the apple "pops" it and adds a point to the chalkboard, while letting the apple drop causes the snake to put its head down in shame.
Slithers in place similar to walking animation.
Droops head with eyes closed as animated Z's float away.
Coils tail and hops like a spring.


  • After catching 100 golden mice in the game Sssssnake, Pet Snakes will get a "Skull Effect" where transparent skulls float off the snake. The color of the skulls will depend on the pet's secondary color.
    • The skull effects were thought to be fake or edited into pictures. After AJHQ mentioned a hint about it, some began to think otherwise. This was also the same with ducks and dogs.
  • Snakes are one of 3 pets that can earn "pet effects", along with Ducks and Dogs.
  • When you click a Pet Snake, it will shed its skin.
  • It has its own game dedicated to it, called "Sssssnake."


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