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Pet Snakes are a members-only land pet that were added in the Spring of 2012, and can be bought at Claws 'N Paws for the price of 400 Gems


This is a large serpent. There are four head shapes: A flared, cobra-shaped head; A round head; a squarish head; and a pointed head. The tail can either have a rattle or end in a point. There are four body patterns: blank, stripes, triangles, or spots.


  • Clicked
  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play

Clicked: The snake molts its skin.

Sit: Erects body upright slightly higher than normal standing.

Dance: Slithers in place similar to walking animation.

Sleep: Droops head with eyes closed as animated Z's float away.

Hop: Coils tail and hops like a spring.

Play: Throws an apple in the air and pulls out a chalkboard, clicking the apple "pops" it and adds a point to the chalkboard, while letting the apple drop causes the snake to put its head down in shame.


  • After catching 100 golden mice in the game Sssssnake, Pet Snakes will get a "Skull Effect" where transparent skulls float off the snake. The color of the skulls will depend on the pet's secondary color.
    • The skull effects were thought to be fake or edited into pictures. After AJHQ mentioned a hint about it, some began to think otherwise. This was also the same with ducks and dogs.
  • Snakes are one of 3 pets that can earn "pet effects", along with Ducks and Dogs.
  • When you click a Pet Snake, it will shed its skin.
  • It has its own game dedicated to it, called "Sssssnake."



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