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The Seahorse is a non-member underwater pet that was released on November 10, 2011. It can be purchased by all Jammers from the Choose a Pet menu or from its adoption icons in Flippers N' Fins and Bahari Bay. It was originally for members-only, but it was unlocked for all Jammers on March 6, 2014.


The Pet Seahorse has a large head with a long snout, four styles of black shiny eyes, and fins on the back of its head that have four varieties. Its body is slender with a spotted pattern, four choices of small fins on the side, and a long tail that come in four different styles.


  • Click
  • Pose
  • Dance
  • Dive
  • Swirl
  • Play
Action Description
The pet seahorse will appear to sneeze, flying back several inches from the force.
The pet seahorse tilts back slightly.
The pet seahorse bounces from one side to the other while flexing its tail and flapping its fins.
The pet seahorse swims in up and then back down in a full circle, propelling itself with its tail.
The pet seahorse swims from side to side in a small circle.
The pet seahorse juggles three starfish in a circle.


The unreleased rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, but they are normally inaccessible because these parties are for land pets.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Yellow Hat
[[File:|40px]] Black Bandana
[[File:|40px]] Space Helmet
[[File:|40px]] Robin's Hat


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Items Description
Seahorsespartanhelmet Spartan Helmet The pet wears a spartan helmet with a black plume on its head.
Seahorsepiratehat Pirate's Hat The pet wears a pirate hat.
Seahorsenursehat Nurse Hat A nurse hat with a cross.
Seahorsepickelhaube Pickelhaube A pickelhaube hat.


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Items Description
Seahorsegreeneyes Green monocle A glowing green monocle
Seahorseredthing Visor A red metal visor
Seahorseglasses Glasses A pair of glasses.
Seahorsemonocle Monocle A monocle.

Back and Fins

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Items Description
Seahorserocket Rocket The seahorse wears a rocket on its back.
Seahorsefishingpole Fishing Pole The seahorse carries a fishing pole with a dead fish on it.
Seahorsescrew Wind Up Key The seahorse wears a wind up key that spins on its back.
Seahorsebatwings Wings The seahorse wears a pair of bat-like wings.


  • Like other pets, it can be accessorized with outfits via the Pet Stop; however, this is exclusive to members only and can only be accessed by bringing an underwater animal into the Play-As-Your-Pet Party or the Pets Only Party.
  • Its original pattern includes spots and cannot be changed.
  • It is the only underwater non-member pet, and it is the third pet to become available to all Jammers, the first being the Pet Hamster and second being the Pet Joey.
  • There is a glitch where the pet seahorse can be placed in the Small House Den even though that is a land den.


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