The Pet Reindeer is a members-only land pet that was first released during December 2011. They can be found in the Jamaaliday Jam party and they also appear in Jamaa Township every year during the Jamaalidays.


This pet is a miniature reindeer. Its nose, antlers, hair and eyes can be customized.


Action Description
Hops in the air and wiggles its legs as if trying to fly, much like Santa's reindeer.
Sits upright.
Throws a snowball up in the air and kicks it apart midair with two hind legs.
Stands up on hind legs and runs in place, then goes back on all fours and kicks legs back and forth.
Lies on belly and sleeps while animated Z's float away.
Hops up and stays airborne for a few seconds while running in place, then falls back down.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Accessories

  • Arctic Hood: A blue hood with fluffy edges.
  • Lincoln Hat: A tall top hat and beard resembling Abraham Lincoln.
  • Curly Antlers: Antlers that curl towards the top.
  • Presly Hair: Hair that resembles Elvis Presly's.


  • Christmas Light Antlers: The regular antlers are replaced with a pair that are lit-up with red and green christmas lights.
  • Santa Hat: The regular antlers are replaced with one visible antler sticking out of a santa hat.
  • Candy Cane Antlers: The regular antlers are replaced with a pair of antlers that resemble candy canes.
  • Snowglobe: The regular antlers are replaced with a pair that holds up a large snowglobe.


  • Rudolf's Nose: The pet's regular nose is replaced with a red, light-up nose.
  • Futuristic Sunglasses: The pet's regular eyes are replaced with a pair of red, single lens sunglasses that resemble a cyborg.
  • Goggles: The pet's regular eyes are replaced by two, gold-rimmed lenses.
  • Fancy Eyes: The pet's regular eyes are replaced by a pair with long eyelashes and blue eyeshadow. The pet also gets a small mole on its face.


  • Jingle Bell Collar: A red collar with a golden bell is worn around the pet's neck.
  • Jet Pack: A silver jetpack with animated flames is worn on the pet's back.
  • Holiday Wreath: A green wreath with red holly berries and a red bow is worn around the pet's neck.
  • Bat Wings: A pair of black bat wings is worn on pet's back.


  • When the reindeer wears the laser glasses, red particles will occasionally fly out of them.
  • It used to be available in Jamaa Township, but appears to be no longer available to purchase there.
  • When idle, the reindeer blow out a frosty breath occasionally.


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