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This article is about the pet. For the animal, see Raccoon.

The Pet Raccoon is a members-only pet that was formerly sold in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. It was released on June 6, 2013.


This pet has a large head with a body that is close to the ground, short legs, and a long, chubby tail.


  • Clicked: An apple rolls in front of it, and the raccoon then chases it and rolls over. It then chases the apple once more and eats it.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.


  • Night Cap: A dark blue hat with yellow moon and stars pattern and pom pom at the end.
  • Helmet: A white helmet that has a blue stripe at the center with a red border and stars.
  • Deerstalker: A dull brown checkered cap widely recognized as the hat worn by Sherlock Holmes, a famous fictional detective.
  • Sunglasses: Pink sunglasses in the shape of stars.


  • Daredevil Suit: A white full-body suit with a high collar decorated with blue stripes with red borders and stars.
  • Pajamas: Dark blue pajamas with yellow moons and stars.
  • Shark Fin: A gray shark fin with a strap that appears on the pet's back.
  • Magnifying Glass: A large gray magnifying glass resting on the pet's back.


  • Bow: A pink bow appears on the pet's tail.
  • Flower: A pink and yellow flower appears on the pet's tail.
  • Teddy Bear: A brown teddy bear rests on the pet's tail.
  • Knife: A silver knife appears on the pet's tail.


  • As part of a short glitch, it was sold for only 400 Gems to all players for a limited time in July 2015, regardless of whether or not the players had the pet previously.



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