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The Pet Puppy is a members-only land pet that was introduced on June 23, 2011. It can be bought from adoption icons such as the Claws 'N Paws, Sarepia Forest, and the Pets Only Party as well as from the standard Choose a Pet menu.


This pet has a small, slender body with stubby legs and a large, square-shaped head. It has a variety of floppy ears and short tails to choose from. It also can be customized with different eyes and various spotted patterns and you also can pick different colors, for the base of it to be and it will also, be that color for.


  • Clicked
  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play
Action Description
Flops down on its back and plays dead.
Sits down in the direction it is facing.
Plays with a tennis ball by throwing up in the air and catching it in its mouth.
Stands on two hind legs and waves arms and head back and forth.
Lies on belly and closes eyes while animated Z's float away.
Hops up and down.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Jack-O'-Lantern Mask A large Jack-O'-Lantern-themed mask covering the puppy's face.
[[File:|40px]] Ice Skeleton Mask A large light blue, skeleton-themed mask covering the puppy's entire face, seemingly made of ice.
[[File:|40px]] Snowman Mask A large snowman-themed mask with a carrot nose, coal eyes, and a top hat.
[[File:|40px]] Flower Tiara A fancy tiara with beads and a flower hanging from it.


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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Crazy Wig A large, red wig is worn on the pet's head.
[[File:|40px]] Bone Head-Band A headband with a hanging dog bone is worn on the pet's head.
[[File:|40px]] Head Mirror A doctor's head mirror is worn on the pet's head.
[[File:|40px]] Pirate Hat A black pirate hat with a skull is worn on the pet's head.


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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Bandit Mask The pet's regular face is covered by a black bandit mask with two, white eye-holes.
[[File:|40px]] Eye-Patch The pet's regular face is replaced with one that has a black eye-patch covering one eye.
[[File:|40px]] Goggles The pet's regular eyes are replaced by a pair of shiny bronze goggles that have a thick strap around the head.
[[File:|40px]] Puppy-dog Eyes The pet's regular eyes are replaced by sad-looking eyes.


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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Rock Guitar A blue guitar is strapped around the pet's body.
[[File:|40px]] Pirate Sword A large, gray pirate sword is strapped around the pet's body.
[[File:|40px]] Pink Purse A pink purse is secured around pet's body with an orange body-strap.
[[File:|40px]] Camera A black camera is secured around the pet's body with a black camera strap.

Related Items

There are several dog-themed den items sold at Claws 'N Paws in Appondale.

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Item Gems
Doggy door Doggy Door 200
Dog Toy Default Dog Toy 200
Dog Mat Default Dog Mat 250
Dog House Default Dog House 400
Dog Bone Dog Bone 150
Dog Bowl 1 Dog Bowl 150

There are also some plushies of this pet sold in the Summer Carnival:

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Item Gems
Puppy-Plushie-1 Puppy Plushie 750
Large-Puppy-Plushie-1 Large Puppy Plushie 1,500
Freedom Puppy Plushie Freedom Puppy 1,000
Large Freedom Puppy Large Freedom Puppy 5,000


  • Puppies were one of the first Pets sold in Jamaa.
  • These pets have their own game, Disc Toss.
  • If a Jammer were to catch 100 golden discs while playing Disc Toss, they would receive a special effect for the pet. The Puppy receives translucent bones, which appear to float from the pet. The color of the bones will depend on the pet's secondary color.
  • There is a small glitch for when a player tries to use the Pet Stop with a Pet Puppy, where the Puppy's snout and eyes will disappear while the puppy walks up the ramp.
  • There is a glitch when the puppy is wearing an eyepatch and plays Disc Toss. The eyepatch will switch sides for about a second each every so often.


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