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This article is about the pet. For the animal , see Owl.

The Pet Owl is a members-only land pet. It was first released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts during January 2013. It was re-released to the Diamond Shop in December 2014, where it is still currently sold.


This pet has an oval-shaped head with a rounded body that tapers into a point at the tail. On the sides of the pet are pear-shaped wings and at the bottom of the pet are small, twig-like feet. It can be customized with choices of bright colors, six different eye types, four different head shapes, four face patterns, and four feather patterns.


Action Description
When clicked, they will catch a mouse, or if bought at the Pet Stop, a plush duck, ladybug, or even a doughnut.
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Blows bubbles
Bops head up and down then turns to the side and bops head up and down again
Sits with its head down while "Zzz's" ascend up
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  • When the player moves their animal around, sometimes the pet owl will stay on the ground a bit before they take off.
  • When the player stops moving, the owl will sit.
  • When a Jammer goes in water, the owl will fly above it.
  • The owl is unique because they fly when moving and land when they're immobile. None of the other pets do this.
  • Unlike most pet counterparts, it looks very similar to its corresponding animal, the Owl.
  • While most pet counterparts are released after their corresponding animal, this pet was released before the animal.


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