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For the animal counterpart, see Monkey.

The Pet Monkey is a members-only land pets that was originally released during September 2012 as one of the Monthly Member Gifts. Then later returned on September 18, 2014, and can be purchased in the Diamond Shop. In January 2017, they went on clearance and are no longer sold at this time.


Action Description
When clicked on while on land, they juggle bananas and then eat them. When placed in water, they paddle frantically, looking like they are trying to swim.
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  • They were the first pets to be released as Monthly Member Gifts.
  • The announcement of pet monkeys returning can be found in Volume 127 of the Jamaa Journal.
  • Rarely, AJHQ announces to all jammers to go on to Coral Canyons as a monkey with your pet monkey.
  • The Wings item on pet monkeys is a reference to the Flying Monkeys, from "The Wizard of Oz."


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