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The Jellyfish is a members only underwater pet. It was released in April 2012, and is sold from the "Choose a Pet" menu.


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Action Description
Stretches out legs and strums them like a guitar.
Puts left tentacle on "hips," and holds up right tentacle in the air as if modeling.
Sways from right to left.
Dives up and down headfirst.
Swims in a circle.
Glows brightly and dives upward.


Rare Item

These unreleased accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, but they are normally inaccessible because these parties are for land pets.

  • Viking Helmet: This is supposed to put a horned helmet (like the Viking Hat) on the pet, but it changes the pet's head into a pie instead.
  • Pie Head: This is supposed to just change the pet's head into a pie, but it also adds the Viking Helmet accessory.
  • UFO Head: This changes the pet's head into a UFO with an alien inside.
  • Cupcake Head: This changes the pet's head into a frosted cupcake.


  • Chef's Hat: The pet wears a large, white chef's hat on its head.
  • Asian Conical Hat: The pet wears an Asian Conical Hat on its head.
  • Sunflower: The pet wears a sunflower on the side of its head.
  • Cactus: The pet's regular head is replaced with a similarly-shaped cactus.


  • Snorkel: The pet wears a large snorkel that consists of a wide pair of goggles and a long mouthpiece.
  • Moustache: The pet wears a thin, curly mustache that curls at the ends.
  • Fancy Eyes: The pet gains a pair of shiny, blue eyes with long eyelashes.
  • Glasses: The pet wears a pair of large, blue-framed eyeglasses.


  • Jetpack: The pet wears a jetpack on its back.
  • Pinwheel: The pet holds a pinwheel that sticks out behind it.
  • Dual Samurai Swords: The pet carries a dual-set of black samurai swords.
  • Lollipop: The pet carries a large lollipop that sticks out behind it.


  • Similar to Deer and the Gecko pet, there was a puzzle the Jammer had to solve to foreshadow their release.
  • They were released alongside the Octopus.
  • When clicked, Jellyfish plays music with their arms like a guitar.
  • They are the only pet that can be set with no eyes.
  • There is a glitch with the rare pie accessory that causes it to also include the viking helmet accessory.
  • There is a glitch with the viking helmet accessory that causes it to appear like the pie accessory.


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