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Hummingbirds are members-only land pets that were initially only available via the Hummingbird Pet Pack gift certificate, which was sold at Animal Jam Outfitters from July 2012 to July 2013. On May 15, 2014, these pets became available in the Diamond Shop.


Hummingbirds are minuscule birds with beady eyes, a long slender beak, and rapidly fluttering wings.


Action Description
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Flies forward quickly while leaving a cloud of dust behind
Bops up and down 3 times then flies to the opposite side and bops up and down again
Rests while "Zzz's" ascend up
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  • When the Hummingbird Pet Pack was bought, they came with two exclusive items: the Hummingbird Feeder and the Hummingbird House.
  • Once a hummingbird was purchased, a player could have bought as many as desired for 400 Gems.
  • These were the first pets to be sold exclusively at Animal Jam Outfitters for real money.
  • If the bee buddy and the flaming hoop accessories are equipped, the bee will be burnt when the hummingbird flies through.
  • Butterfly, HoneybeeBatOwl, and Eagle are the only other pets that can fly.
  • The player can decide on a small white "tattoo" that can be seen on the belly. Whatever the tattoo is, that is what the hummingbird will fly through (Ex: flower tattoo allows the bird to fly through a flower hoop).
  • One of the accessories for the hummingbird is a head feather, possibly based off a story called "The Hummingbird". The story is about a Native American girl and a man from a different tribe that fall in love. The girl's dad forces her to marry another man, and when she prays to her god to not have her marry him, the god turns her into a flower, and the man she loves into a hummingbird, who flies swiftly, looking for the flower.


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