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The Pet Hamster is a non-member land pet. Hamsters became available to all Jammers on June 6, 2013. They can be purchased for 400 gems at Claws 'N Paws and at any of the pet finders across Jamaa.


They are a small, oval-shaped pet with rounded ears, relatively large eyes, and a medium-sized muzzle or nose. Their patterns include a broad patch of color covering the front half of the body (not including the muzzle); a band of colouration in the midsection; and two stripes on the back of the body. There are six eye-shape variations. The coat texture can also be altered to smooth; rough; long-rough; or tangled (sticking up in clumps).


  • Play (when clicked)
  • Dance
  • Hop
  • Play (when a player plays)
Act Description
Clicked A few walnuts or pieces of candy corn appear in front of the hamster. It sits up, leans forward, and grabs the items in its mouth, stuffing its cheeks. The hamster proceeds to chew three or four times before visibly swallowing, remaining in the upright position for a moment, and going back to normal.
Dance Shuffles in place, going back and forth rapidly in a way similar to how it "walks".
Hop Hops up and down.
Play Uses a joystick to control a toy car that goes around it. A small, pattern-less hamster, coloured the same as the hamster's primary colour, is inside the car.


Rare Head

Items Description
Rareheadpethamster 1 Tiara A tiny tiara with four gems on it.
Rareheadpethamster 2 Fancy Hat A top hat.
Rareheadpethamster 3 Viking Helmet A small helmet with horns attached to it.
Rareheadpethamster 4 Robin Hat A hat that appears similar to Robin Hood's hat.


Items Description
Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat A cowboy's hat.
Pirate Bandana Pirate Bandanna A blue bandanna.
Space Helmet Space Helmet A helmet with an antenna sticking out from it.
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat A pirate's hat, featuring a human skull.


Items Description
Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Goggles A mask featuring green goggles.
Futuristic Shades Futuristic Shades Red shades that cover the hamster's eyes.
Nerd Glasses Nerd Glasses Square glasses. The eyes will appear closed, despite the hamster's actual eye shape.
Golden Sunglasses Golden Sunglasses Shiny, golden sunglasses.


Items Description
Golden Earrings Golden Earrings Golden earrings. This item goes with the golden sunglasses.
Skirt Pink Skirt A skirt.
Bat Wings Bat Wings Wings with pointed ends, suggesting they belong to a bat.
Pirare Sword Pirate Sword A pirate's sword. This item goes with the pirate items mentioned above.


  • Hamsters constantly wiggle and twitch their noses, similar to many rodents in real life.
  • When the player is in water, the hamster will splash and look as if it was swimming with effort due to its small size.
  • Unlike real hamsters, these pets do not have a visible tail.
  • They were the first non-member pets to be released (the other non-member pets are the Joey, the Honeybee, and the Seahorse, along with others), though options such as accessorizing them or taking them to the Pet Wash are still only exclusive to members.
  • Non-members are able to attend the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party with their hamsters.



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