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The Pet Frog is a members-only land pet that was introduced on June 23, 2011. It can be bought at Claws 'N Paws, in the Coral Canyons river, and above the Lost Temple Of Zios river.


Frogs are small and mostly shaped like an oblong hexagon with large, stubby feet. They can be customized with four options each of body shape, feet, and eye color. Their body colors can be changed using the standard color palettes, and they have six different eye choices.


  • dance
  • sleep
  • play
  • clicked
Action Description
A fly flies above their head, their eyes follow it slowly and then catch it with their tongues quickly, like frogs in reality usually do to eat bugs.
It sits
It plays with something
It dances with it's legs
It sleeps
The frog will hop very high.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Accessories

These "rare" accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

  • Helicopter Hat: A Helicopter Hat, with red and yellow stripes.
  • Unofficial Name: Description
  • Princess Tiara: A white tiara with pink gems.
  • Bunny Ears: White and pink bunny ears.


  • Viking Helmet: A metal helmet with white horns.
  • Pirate Hat: Black Pirate hat with white skulls.
  • Crown: Golden crown with dark blue gem.
  • Fancy Top Hat: A shiny black top hat with a red stripe.


  • Nerd Glasses: White glasses with dorky eyes and grey eyebrows.
  • Girl Eyes: Blue eyes with big eyelashes.
  • Evil Eyes: Red narrow eyes with long puffy eyebrows.
  • Goggles: Green and Grey Goggles.


  • Angel Wings: White graceful wings.
  • Bat Wings: Black and grey bat-like wings.
  • Rocket Wings: Two white and red rockets on the edge of every wing.
  • Mustache: A Brown puffy mustache.


  • They were one of the first four pets to be released, the others being the Pet Kitty, Pet Puppy, and Pet Ducky.
  • When placed in water they appear to glide across the surface.
  • The Dance is a reference to Looney Tunes short involving a character named Michigan J. Frog, who would dance and sing only in the presence of one man.
  • When it was first announced in Jamaa Journal, it was called the "funny froggy" as opposed to its actual name.


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