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This article is about the pet. For the animal, see Fox.

The Pet Fox is a members-only land pet that was originally released as a Monthly Member Gift for November 2012. It was re-released in the Diamond Shop on December 18, 2014.


  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Jump
Acts Description
Clicked The pet fox digs a hole, but a bunny pops out. The fox jumps back, as if in surprise and then the hole closes up
Play The pet will pull out a thin, cut wooden log with leaves around it (a hover board, maybe), and jump on it. It will sway from side to side, and then stop


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Body

These "rare" accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Items Description
Bow and Arrows Bow and Arrows Add description here.
Mech Angel Wings Mech Angel Wings Add description here.
Pink Purse for fox Pink Purse Add description here.
Dual Samurai Sword Dual Samurai Sword Add description here.


Items Description
Mech Angel Helmet Mech Angel Helmet Add description here.
Top Hat for fox Top Hat Add description here.
Curly Wig Curly Wig Add description here.
Bonnet for fox Bonnet Add description here.


Items Description
Aviator Hat Aviator Hat Add description here.
Wizard Hat Wizard  Hat Add description here.
Beret for fox Bonnet Add description here.
Ninja Mask Ninja Mask Add description here.


Items Description
Sun Necklace Sun Necklace Add description here.
Spike Collar for fox Spike Collar Add description here.
Heart Necklace for fox Heart Locket Add description here.
Head Flower for fox Flower Add description here.


  • Like most other pets, it can be recreated for only 400 Gems once it is purchased.




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