The Pet Ferris Wheel is a members-only land den item. It is sold in the Summer Carnival Shop at the Summer Carnival and was first released on June 5, 2013.


This is a small Ferris wheel decoration with four seats for Pets to ride on. It consists of a blue wheel secured to a brown wooden frame that rests on a dark blue platform. At the bottom, there is a tiny gate and a tiny control podium that includes a lever and a button. This item only has one variety.


  • This is one of several den items that feature pet-sized, amusement park rides. Some of the others include the Pet Roller Coaster and the Pet Carousel.
  • Its former price was 2,500 Tickets; this was changed on its second release.
  • Like all other items sold in the Summer Carnival, it goes on sale for half price (625 Tickets) during the last two weeks of the carnival.