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The Ducky is a members-only land pet that was introduced on June 23, 2011. It can be purchased through the Choose a Pet menu that is accessible from the Change Your Look screen. It can also be purchased directly from its adoption icons in Claws 'N Paws, Crystal Sands, and the Pets Only Party.


  • dance
  • sleep
Action Description
Hops with both feet, attempting to fly and paddle their feet in the air, then promptly lands back down.
Sits down.
Rolls backward then, at the end of the roll, leaps up and attempts to fly, but lands on ground at starting position.
Turns to the side and kicks both legs up one at a time, then turns to the other side and repeats.
Sleeps in standing position with eyes closed as animated Z's float away.
Hops up and down.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Item

These "rare" accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

  • Unofficial Name: Description
  • Unofficial Name: Description
  • Unofficial Name: Description
  • Unofficial Name: Description


  • Top Hat: A tall, black top hat is worn on the pet's head.
  • Pink Bow: A large, pink bow is worn on the pet's head.
  • Crazy Wig: A large, red wig is worn on the pet's head.
  • Winter Hat: A large, pink hat with a white trim and white pom pom is worn on the pet's head.


  • Futuristic Shades: The pet's regular eyes are covered by a pair of red, futuristic sunglasses.
  • Eyepatch: One of the pet's eyes is covered by an eyepatch.
  • Bandit Mask: The pet's regular eyes are covered by a bandit mask with white eye-holes.
  • Goggles: The pet's regular eyes are covered by a pair of green goggles.


  • Bindle: The pet carries a nap-sack on a stick in one of its wings.
  • Fishing Rod: The pet carries a fish on a fishing rod in one of its wings.
  • Sword: The pet carries a sword in one of its wings.
  • Wind-up Key: An animated wind-up key is attached to the back of the pet, making it look like a wind-up toy.

Den Items

There are several duck-themed Den items sold at Claws 'n Paws. Ducks have their items named after them except for the Grass With Worms. The Duck Pond also has the highest price.


  • They were one of the first of the four pets that were originally released.
  • They have their own plushie, the Pet Duckie Plushie, which is sold at the Summer Carnival.
  • Ducks are used in the mini-game Ducky Dash making them one of the three pets to have a unique mini-game.
  • If the player plays Ducky Dash enough, and collects 100 golden duckies, they get a pet effect.
    • The pet effect is transparent eggs that fly around the duck. The eggs are the secondary color of the duck.


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