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For the animal counterpart, see Dolphin.

The Pet Dolphin is a members-only underwater/ ocean pet. It was released on June 8, 2017 and is sold from the Diamond Shop and Flippers 'N Fins for three Diamonds.


The Pet Dolphin is a miniature version of the already existing Dolphin avatar. It has many customization traits, including its nose, pattern, fin, eyes, and color.


Action Description
The dolphin swims through a ring of bubbles, which then pop
The dolphin floats, or sits, almost vertically
The dolphin swims back and forth in an upright position
The dolphin swims back and forth in a circle.
The dolphin poses upside down, pauses, and dives straight down.
The dolphin strums a small guitar as rainbow music notes float upwards


Head and Face

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Pom-Pom Horns Two yellow horns, located on both sides of the head, with two pom-poms which the color of depends on the color of the pet.
[[File:|40px]] Unicorn Horn An average golden unicorn horn, resting just above the nose and below the forehead
[[File:|40px]] Red Bow A classic red bow with two loops rests at the base of the fin, with a small yellow flower in the center
[[File:|40px]] Rainbow Flower A flower with six petals, each with a different color, that rests at the base of the fin and has a smaller, yellow, flower at it's center

Body and Back

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Ragdoll A small toy dolphin with multiple stitched-on patches and button eyes, that the pet holds by the flipper
[[File:|40px]] Fin Piercing A golden hoop piercing going through just under the tip of the fin
[[File:|40px]] Rainbow Fins This goes over the fin, flippers, and tail, turning them all rainbow
[[File:|40px]] Fin Pom-Pom A pom-pom resting at the very tip of the fin

Body and Legs

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Pom-Poms A cluster of three small pom-poms, the color depending on the color of the pet, rest at the base of the tail
[[File:|40px]] Rainbow Tail The tail is replaced by six rainbow leaves, connected to the body by a yellow flower
[[File:|40px]] Fin Spikes Six spikes, their color depending on the color of the pet, are attached to the fin by a yellow shell
[[File:|40px]] Tail Rings Two golden rings, the first larger than the other, wrap around the base of the tail


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