The Pet Den Item Shop is a store that is located on the second floor of Claws 'N Paws. This shop sells land den items that are pet-themed. It was introduced on April 12, 2012.


This shop is located at the top of Claws 'N Paws at an opening in the tree's bark where a large branch extends outward. The shop's facade features a green Dog House item next to what appears to be a green Dog Bowl with a green and blue mat of some sort in front of them. There is a large red and white "Sale" sign attached to the top corner of the shop.

Current Items

Item Gems Members-Only?
Pet-Den-Item-Shop Mouse-Door Yellow Mouse Door 450 Yes
PCC01 Pet Cardboard Castle 400 No
Cat Plushie Mouse Plushie 400 Yes
Snake habitat Snake Habitat 550 Yes
Snake Mat 1 Snake Mat 300 Yes
Shop Claws-N-Paws Duck-Pond Duck Pond 450 Yes
Duck Pillow Default Duck Pillow 300 Yes
Doggy door Doggy Door 200 Yes
Dog Toy Default Dog Toy 200 Yes
Dog Mat Default Dog Mat 250 Yes
Dog Bowl 1 Dog Bowl 150 Yes
Dog Bone Dog Bone 150 Yes
Dog House Default Dog House 400 Yes


  • This shop was created nearly 10 months after Claws 'N Paws was opened.