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For the animal counterpart, see Bunny.

Not to be confused with the Pet Golden Bunny.

The Pet Bunny is a members-only land pet. It can be purchased for 400 Gems at the Bunnies Only Party as well as from the general Choose a Pet menu.


The pet bunny has a semi-circular shaped head, large ears and a small circular tail. Its head appears to be sticking slightly forward and is disproportionate with the rest of its body.


  • Clicked
  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play
Action Description
A top hat appears with a puff of smoke, and the bunny hops in. After, the bunny peeks out of the hat and then jumps out while the hat disappears with another puff of smoke.
Sits upright
Plays a game of chess and hops up and down after checkmating.
Stands up on hind legs and sways chest back and forth.
Lies flat on its belly and closes eyes while animated Z's float away.
Hops up and down.


The rare accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Top Hat A purplish grey top hat with an orange brim is worn on the pet's head
[[File:|40px]] Pirate Hat A purple pirate hat with a white skull, brown hair, and a goatee are worn on the pet's face and head
[[File:|40px]] Eggshell Hat A lavender and pink eggshell hat is worn on the pet's head
[[File:|40px]] Origami Pirate Hat An origami pirate hat that appears to be made out of newspaper is worn on the pet's head

Head and Face

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Gardening Hat A white Gardening Hat is worn on the pet's head
[[File:|40px]] Hood with Feather A green hat with a red feather is worn on the pet's head
[[File:|40px]] Strawberry Beanie A beanie that looks like a strawberry is worn on the pet's head
[[File:|40px]] Carrot Hat A flat brown hat with a stick and carrot attached

Body and Back

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Vampire Costume A red cape, pointy fangs, and a triangle of black hair are worn on the pet's head and body
[[File:|40px]] Swim Goggles A pair of yellow swim goggles are worn over the pet's eyes
[[File:|40px]] Ninja Eye Band A purple ninja eye band is worn over the pet's eyes
[[File:|40px]] Emo Hair Black hair covers one of the pet's eyes and is pushed aside


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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Duck A small yellow duck follows behind the pet
[[File:|40px]] Bubble Wand A pink bubble wand follows the pet
[[File:|40px]] Butterfly and Net A blue butterfly follows the pet while the pet holds a brown net
[[File:|40px]] Jetpack A red and silver jetpack with fire coming out of the bottom is attached to the pet's back


  • When they play, they jump into a hat and reappear. This could be a reference to how some magicians pull bunnies out of their hats.
  • When they move, they hop around instead of walking.
  • There is also a rare Pet Golden Bunny, that has the same appearance just they are completely golden. They were obtained from a promotional set.


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