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The Bat is a members-only land-flying pet that was first released on September 2011. They are available around the time of the Night Of The Phantoms, and they were most recently sold through Claws 'N Paws and the Spooky Party.


The bat is shaped somewhat like a blob with wings; some of the versions have tiny stubs for legs while others simply have points at the top for ears.


Action Description
the Bat will fly up and become larger as if it is moving closer to the player's screen.
Add description here.
Add description here.
Add description here.
Add description here.
Add description here.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Accessories

These "rare" accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Items Description
Jack-O'-Lantern Mask A Jack-O'-Lantern themed mask covering the Bat's face.
Heart Mask A heart themed mask covering the Bat's face.
Ghost Costume A ghost costume that drapes over the Bat.
Robot Helmet A metal helmet that covers the Bat's head.

Head and Face

Items Description
Baseball Mask A white and red baseball mask covering the Bat's face.
Eyeball Mask A white-colored pet version of the Eyeball Hat.
Candle Hat A candle-themed hat that sits atop the Bat's head.
Skull Mask A skull-themed mask covering the Bat's face.

Body and Back

Items Description
Tiara A white, three-pointed tiara.
Yellow Spiked Hair A hairstyle that seems to be based off of the Spiked Hair item, in a yellow color.
Witch Hat A brown colored Witch Hat.
Horns Two small horns protruding from the Bat's head.

Body and Legs

Items Description
Robot Wings A set of metal wings that have a hinge at the top.
Skeleton Wings A set of skeletal wings that replace the existing ones.
Bat Wings A set of bat-like wings that are curved on the top and pointed at the bottom.
Rainbow Wings A rainbow colored set of wings that replace the existing ones.


  • On their first release in 2011, they could be found at adoption icons in Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest, and the Lost Temple of Zios.
  • In 2012, they were relocated to an adoption icon in the Haunted Forest Party.
  • During October 2013, 2014 2015 and 2016 they were relocated to a hidden location on the wallpaper of the Spooky Party and the wallpaper location changed each year.
    • In 2014, when the hidden bat in the wallpaper was clicked, the Bat Pet Finder was opened.
    • In 2015, they could also be found through Claws 'N Paws because the pet system was changed to combine all the currently available pets into one menu.
  • When the Bat performs its action, its accessories sometimes disappear for a moment.
  • The Bat's giant appearance during its action makes it appear like the largest pet in the game.
  • Bats act no differently when they are placed 'above' water.
  • A bat with yellow eyes and brown trimmed wings is seen in the Wolves Only Party.
  • There is a glitch that causes the bat to continue performing an action after the player has stopped the action and is idle or moving.


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