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This article is about the pet. For the animal, see Arctic Wolf.

The Pet Arctic Wolf is a members-only land pet that was released shortly after the Arctic Wolf. It was released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts for the month of March 2013, but it is no longer available. It was later available to all members in the pet adoption menu during June 2015 as a result of a glitch, but this was patched and they were removed on July 9, 2015.


The Pet Arctic Wolves have small bodies, large heads, and very bushy tails.


  • When clicked
  • Sitting
  • Playing
  • Dancing
  • Hopping
  • Sleeping
  • Clicked: Blows down a house made from sticks (Much like the notable Wolf in "The Three Little Pigs").
  • Sit: Sits back on rear end.
  • Play: Tosses a stick in the air, then catches it in its mouth.
  • Dance: Bounces on its tail facing both directions
  • Hop: Similar to its Arctic Wolf counterpart, the pet hops up and down.
  • Sleep: Lays down with its paws in front of its head, and tail in the air.


  • The Head Accessories
  • The Neck Accessories
  • The Body Accessories
  • The "Rare" Head Accessories

These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

"Rare" Head

  • Leprechaun Hat: A green Leprechaun Hat with a golden buckle and a golden four-leaved clover is worn on the pet's head.
  • Gardening Hat: A pink Gardening Hat with purple flowers is worn on the pet's head.
  • Skull Mask: A mask that looks like a skull, similar to the Skull Helmet and the Skeleton Mask, is worn on the pet's face.
  • Bandana: A patched cloth wraps around the pet's head like a bandana.


  • Arctic Hood: A blue arctic hood is worn on the pet's head.
  • Knitted Hat: A purple knitted hat is worn on the pet's head.
  • Headphones: A pair of purple headphones is worn on the pet's head.
  • Royal Tiara: A pink royal tiara is worn on the pet's head.


  • Clover Necklace: A green clover necklace is worn around the pet's neck.
  • Striped Scarf: A blue striped scarf is worn around the pet's neck.
  • Pink Bow: A large, pink bow is worn around the pet's neck.
  • Sun Necklace: A yellow sun necklace is worn around the pet's neck.


  • Elf Tail Armor: The red and black variant of Elf Tail Armor is worn on the pet's tail.
  • Dual Samurai Swords: A pair of samurai swords is carried on the pet's back, similar to the Dual Samurai Swords clothing for animals.
  • Pinwheel: A green, blue, and pink pinwheel is carried on the pet's back.
  • Flower Bracelet: A purple flower bracelet is worn on the pet's leg.




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