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The Anglerfish is an Ocean pet that can be bought in the Deep Blue or Flippers N' Fins.


The Anglerfish has very prominent teeth, a 'rod' above its head with a light protruding from its forehead, and large, angular, pointed fins. 


Action Description
The anglerfish will open its mouth wide and snap its mouth shut quickly in a biting motion.
It pose
The anglerfish will sway.
It dives
It swirls
A bubble will appear and the Anglerfish will snap that.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop.

Rare Accessories

These rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, but because the two parties are for land pets only, these accessories remain inaccessible.

Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Robot Body Add description here
[[File:|40px]] Pirate Hat and Wig Add description here
[[File:|40px]] Pumpkin Head Add description here
[[File:|40px]] Witch Mask Add description here


Items Description
Chefs Hat Chef's Hat The pet wears a white chef's hat on its head.
Tiara for Angler Tiara The pet wears a white tiara with pink gemstones on its head.
Football Helmet Football Helmet The pet wears a blue football helmet on its head.
Hat and Monocle Hat and Monocle The pet wears a tall top hat and gold-chained monocle.


Items Description
Airplane Fins Airplane Fins The pet's regular dorsal, side, and tail fins are replaced with corresponding airplane wings and turbines.
Robotic Fins Robotic Fins The pet's regular dorsal, side, and tail fins are replaced with robotic versions.
Flame Fins Flame Fins The pet's regular dorsal, side, and tail fins are replaced with fins made of pure fire.
Sports Fins Sports Fins The pet's regular dorsal fins are replaced with a bowling pin and ball, the regular side fins are replaced with baseball bats and balls, and the tail fin is replaced by a tennis racquet.


Items Description
Glowing Star Glowing Star The pet's "lure" is replaced with a glowing star in the same color.
Ice Cream Lure Ice Cream Lure The pet's "lure" is replaced with a vanilla ice cream cone.
Spinning Blade Spinning Blade The pet's "lure" is replaced with a spinning razor blade.
Flaming Marshmallow Flaming Marshmallow The pet's "lure" is replaced with a marshmallow on fire.


  • Certain pieces of clothing are Anglerfish-themed, such as the Anglerfish Hat.
  • The Angler Fish is also a Journey Book animal, found in Deep Blue. They can be found at the Pet Finder in the same location.
  • The Football Helmet and Sports Equipment accessories available to the Anglerfish are a reference to the fish's other name, "Footballfish."


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