This article is about the game. For the item, see Pest Control (Item).
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Pest Control is a single-player "tower defense" style mini-game that was first introduced in April 2011. The game can be found in Appondale as well as the Sol Arcade. It can also be played through the Games menu or via its den item counterpart.


The player has to strategically place defenders along a path to eat the trail of pests that crawl, hop, and fly by. Each level is called a wave. The player has 5 health points and loses one every time a pest gets to the end of the path. The game ends when the player wins, quits, or runs out of health. They start out with tokens which the player can use to buy defenders to place along the path and can get more by defeating pests or selling defenders.

Each defender also has a favored pest which means that each pest has a defender that does more damage to it than other defenders. When the player wins, it is also possible to win bonus tokens.  The den version of the game is available in the Sol Arcade shop. A user can speed a wave up by clicking the arrows at the bottom of your screen when playing the game. The speed will increase making each defender and crossing bug pass by quicker and sounds produce more rapidly.

This mini-game is available in three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Ants are the easiest pests to get rid of, and mice are hardest.


Pest Value First Appearance Pest Value First Appearance
Ant Ant 1 Token Wave 1 Fly Fly 2 Tokens Wave 3
Grasshopper Grasshopper 2 Tokens Wave 6 Dragonflies Dragonfly 2 Tokens Wave 10
Beetle Beetle 3 Tokens Wave 15 Scorpion Scorpion 4 Tokens Wave 22
(Minus Easy)
Tarantulas Tarantula

(Minus Easy)

8 Tokens Wave 30 Mice Mouse 6 Tokens Wave 40
(Minus Medium)


Defenders Cost Specialties Upgrade Cost Selling Price
Venus Fly Trap
Venus Fly Trap
5 Tokens Ants and Flies First Upgrade: 25 Tokens

Second Upgrade: 50 Tokens

3 Tokens
Frog pest control
10 Tokens Grasshoppers and Dragonflies First Upgrade: 35 Tokens

Second Upgrade: 60 Tokens

6 Tokens
15 Tokens Beetles and Tarantulas First Upgrade: 45 Tokens

Second Upgrade: 90 Tokens

9 Tokens
Snake pest control
20 Tokens Scorpions and Mice First Upgrade: 55 Tokens

Second Upgrade: 100 Tokens

12 Tokens


Level Waves Pests Upgrading Defenders Starting Tokens
Easy 26 All except Scorpions, Tarantulas, and Mice Unavailable 25
Medium 51 All except Mice Only 1 level 20
Hard Indefinite All

2 levels

(second level is available upon beating all required waves)



There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Pest Control:

Achievements Description
Squash! Squash! Play Pest Control 10 times
Smash! Smash! Play Pest Control 20 times
Squish! Squish! Play Pest Control 35 times
Splat! Splat! Play Pest Control 50 times
400 Legs! 400 Legs! Defeat 500 tarantulas in Pest Control
10,000 Pests! 10,000 Pests! Defeat 10,000 pests in Pest Control


  • On the scroll that pops up after you have cleared a level, there is a ribbon saying "Token [number] Bonus".
  • Other pests featured in the game include centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, moths, termites, and more.
  • There are other facts about pests that can be found at the Journey Book.


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Fun Facts about Pests

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