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Adorable and quick, penguins are perfect animals for Jammers who are speedy and wouldn't mind living with all their friends!
~ Animal Jam Insider's Guide summary on the Penguin
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The Penguin is a non-member land and ocean animal that was released on February 17, 2012. They were a members-only animal until they became available for all Jammers on June 21, 2012. It was put on clearance on December 14, 2017, and left stores on December 24, 2017.

Default Appearance

Penguins are in default light navy-blue, with a white underbelly and emerald green eyes in official Animal Jam artwork, and are depicted similarly, except possessing charcoal-gray eyes.



  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Hop
  • Sit (SE)
  • Sit (SW)
  • Sit (NE)
  • Sit (NW)
Acts Description
Sits with their wings behind them, with flippers resting on the ground with feet directly in front of it.
Stands on one foot, wobbles, and then switches to the other and spins.
Lays on it's back, breathing quickly.
Hops quickly, appearing to fatten intensely as touching the ground.
Flips forward, wheels to the side, flips backward, and bows left-right.


Acts Description
Swims in an Egg Beater Paddle.
Reeling fins, places a fin on beak and sinks downward.
Swims downwards and upwards.
Swims in circles.
Inflates, and exhales bubbles; spinning in a circle.


  • Marco, who is believed to be the Penguin Alpha, would be larger than the average Animal Jam Penguin due to his species being different, compared to an AJ penguin, Marco is much larger. Based on his appearance, Marco could possibly be a Rockhopper Penguin.
  • The Penguin's belly color is a secret white that the player cannot obtain. Once they change its color, they won't be able to get it back unless a new penguin is purchased.
  • If a penguin is wearing a slingshot while sleeping, a strange glitch causes the slingshot to move up and down, get bigger, shrink, and grow bigger again. This pattern repeats.
  • Penguins were the second non-member underwater animal available.
  • When the player goes to the Pet Stop with a Polar Bear (Pet) they can buy a mini penguin.
  • On December 18th, 2015, the Pet Penguin was added to the Diamond Shop.
  • The penguin is the only non-flying bird in Animal Jam.
  • There is a glitch that when the penguin is sleeping with a top hat on the top hat sometimes disappears into the ground.
  • The Penguin is the first bird in Animal Jam, with the next birds being the Eagle, Owl, Falcon, Toucan, and Flamingo.
  • The Sheep Cloak appears a light gray color on the Penguin in the user's player card.
  • When wearing certain items meant for their feet, they also appear on the forearm of their flippers.
  • When a Penguin wears Phoenix Armor while sleeping, the fire on the wings vanishes periodically.
  • There are many types of penguin plushies including: Penguin Plushie, Rare Penguin Plushie, Giant Penguin Plushie, and Epic Penguin Plushie.


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