For the pet counterpart, see Pet Panda.


The Panda is a non-member land animal that was released on July 17, 2010. They are one of the six animals that were released during the Beta Testing. Pandas were declared endangered by AJHQ from March 20, 2014, until October 2, 2014. More recently, Pandas have returned to Jamaa on July 6, 2017.

Default Appearance

The default Panda has a white under-belly and grey purple fur, along with two patches of the same color, covering the fur around their eyes. Its face is completely white (except the patches). They have white swirls inside their ears, a dark blue nose, and a combination of blue and black for their eyes, along with a round eye type. 


  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play
Acts Description
The panda sits perfectly still with its front paws on the ground between its hind legs
The panda dances while sitting down, swaying its body from side to side and waving its paws in the air
The panda sleeps on its stomach with its knees tucked in and its head resting on its front paws
The panda hops on all four feet, jumping up and down somewhat quickly and not very high
The panda turns to the side while grabbing its hind legs with its front paws and rolls from a sitting position onto its back repeatedly


  • There is a Pandas-Only gate in The Search for Greely adventure.
  • The deletion of the Skully item, the first tail item in Animal Jam, was due to its inappropriate appearance on this animal.
  • Pandas and Polar Bears are Jamaa's only bear species.
  • Their pet counterpart is the Panda (Pet), which was released on January 8, 2015.
  • On August 7, 2015, the Panda's play animation was rotated so that it would face to the right instead of facing towards the player, due to it looking inappropriate when it rolled onto its back.
  • When the panda wears a Heart Locket, instead of appearing around the neck, it appears to be hanging from the mouth of the panda. However, the locket appears around the neck in the preview window.
  • They have their own short called "Pet Peeved".
  • When a Panda is wearing a Sword, a Pirate Sword, or a Golden Pirate Sword, the swords seem to double. This also happens on the Hyena, the Pig, the Sloth, and the Sheep.
  • If a Panda wears Scary Bat Wings and plays, the wings will appear orange.
  • The new Skullys do not show on a Panda doing the play action.
  • When a Panda is in the water, the play action will not work.
  • Celebrating the return of Pandas on July 6, 2017, Animal Jam released the Panda Collection, which consisted of the Panda Parasol, the Panda Lamp the Panda Rug, the Panda Window, the Bamboo Flute, the Panda Armoire, the Panda Sofa, the Panda Chair, and the Panda Beanbag Chair.
  • Pandas have more glitches than more usual/unusual animals!


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