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This is the pet page for the owl, for the animal, see Owl.

Owl (Pet)
Bought in? Diamond Shop
Price? 3 Diamonds
Animal counterpart? Owl

Pet Owls are a members-only land pet. They were first available January 2013, as a monthly member gift. They returned to the Diamond Shop on December 2014.


An oval or circular head with a smaller owl body.


  • Sometimes when your animal moves, the pet owl will stay on the ground a bit before they take off.
  • When the player stops moving, the owl will sit.
  • When a Jammer goes in water, they will fly above it.
  • When clicked, they will catch a mouse, or if bought at the Pet Stop, a plush duck, ladybug, or even a doughnut. 
  • The owl is unique because they fly when moving and land when they're immobile. None of the other pets do this.
  • It is a look-alike of the owl animal.


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