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For the pet counterpart to this animal, see Owl (Pet).


The Owl is a member land and flying animal, and can play The Forgotten Desert. Their arrival was hinted with a puzzle on January 8, 2015 and it was released February 5, 2015. The animal is purchasable in the Diamond Shop

Default Appearance

By default creation; its main body is red with white feathers on their stomach and around the eyes. They have black, semi-circle eyes with a lighter colored pupil. Their beak is bright orange as well as the talons. Like their artwork; owls in game have a tuft on their head.

Their markings are one of the unavailable colors, a shade of China rose; though they lack markings by default.


  • Sleep.
  • Sit SW.
  • Sit SE.
  • Sit NW.
  • Sit NE.
  • Play.
  • Hop.
  • Dance.

:sitNW: - Sitting in a slightly hunched position facing NW

:sitNE: - Sitting in a slight hunched position facing NE

:sitSW: - Sitting in a slightly hunched position facing SW

:sitSE: - Sitting in a slightly hunched position facing SE

:dance: - Opens right wing, then left wing, does this again once, spins head around, then spins body around.

:play: - Whirls head around as it slowly picks up speed until it gets dizzy and falls over.

:hop: - Flaps its wings up and down as it hops.

:sleep: - Sitting on the ground hunched over as it bobs slightly/snores before shaking softly as if snuggling into itself.


  • Animal Jam Owls - Out on a Limb01:10

    Animal Jam Owls - Out on a Limb

    Out On a Limb, Owls Animated Short

    It is the third bird in Animal Jam. (Penguins & Eagles)
  • It is the second flying animal, after the Eagle.
  • It is the first animal to be released after its pet variation.
  • It is the first animal to be released in 2015.
  • They have their own short, "Out On a Limb", much like other recent animals before it.
  • Owls can play The Forgotten Desert.
  • The Owl is almost the same size as the rabbit, possibly a bit bigger (if not counting the rabbit's ears).
  • Because of their size, their speech bubbles are much higher than them, which sometimes results in confusion.
  • Owls cannot turn their heads 360 degrees, only 180, a scientifically inaccurate mistake.
  • Just like Eagles, Owls can only use flying pets.
  • Like many of the animals, owls have a pet counterpart, the Owl.
  • A rare spiked collar on an owl has more flatter spikes.
  • They have their own Minibook.
  • They were shown in the Special Delivery adventure. They were the first unreleased (at the time) animal to be put in an adventure.


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