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Jamaa-Journal Vol-095 Outback-Imports

This shop was advertised in Jamaa Journal Volume 95.

Outback Imports is a shop that sells rustic and western themed den items. It is located in Kimbara Outback underneath a waterfall and alongside the path to Jamaa Township. The shop was introduced on August 8, 2013, just two weeks after Kimbara Outback was released.


Outback-Imports 1

The interior of Outback Imports.

This shop appears to be a cavern carved into a rocky cliffside. The outside of the shop has a picture of a chair carved into the stone cliff as well as some stone brick walls and a wooden door. The inside of the shop has a giant green rug in the center with various shop items decorating the tiered rock structures along the walls. Some of the shop's decorations were formerly sold here, such as the Emu Egg and the Golden Wattle.

Current Items

Name Price
Fancy Pot 500 Yes
Woven Pot 400 Yes
Stone Vanity 550 Yes
Stone Sink 400 Yes
Stone Lamp 350 Yes
Patched Chair 450 Yes
Patched Couch 500 Yes
Patched Rug 350 No
Rustic Hanging Lantern 400 Yes
Telescope 300 No
Stone Carved Stove 450 Yes
Stone Carved Table 400 Yes
Stone Carved Chair 350 No
Stone Carved Couch 500 Yes


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