The Ninja Mask is a members-only land clothing item released during the Beta Testing and formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing.


The Ninja Mask is a solid-colored mask that surrounds the head completely. It has an emblem on the forehead, which looks like a diamond with two swirls, and markings behind the neck where it is tied. It appears in the shape of a monkey's head, but when equipped it matches the animal's head. There are nine varieties of this item including the rare variant.


  • The rare version of this mask was released for Rare Item Monday on March 18, 2013.
  • It was put on clearance sometime around 2013.
  • It can be won in The Forgotten Desert.
  • This item, the Feathered Mask, and the Superhero Mask are the only clothing items for the head that change their shape to match the animal that is wearing them.


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