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The Night of the Phantoms is a festival that celebrates the Phantoms. It takes place during the month of October and it was first celebrated in 2010. The proper date of this festival is October 31st; it shares the date with the real world's holiday and festival - Halloween.


Throughout Jamaa, certain transformations take place for this festival. The most significant change occurs in Jamaa Township, which is the change to night-time for the duration for the festival. In addition to the time change, Jamaa Township is also updated with many black, orange, and Phantom-themed decorations.

Phantom Vortex


An example of a portal leading to the Phantom Vortex

During this festival, strange portals appear all around Jamaa to lead Jammers into the Phantom Vortex. They lead to a small, purple-and-black room that contains an interactive floor and a central podium for the game Phantoms!, where Jammers can win a special prize.

Bitter Sweets

The seasonal Adventure for this festival is Bitter Sweets. This adventure revolves around phantoms and collecting candy.


The following items have been released as part of this festival, but they are not guaranteed to return in the future.

Land Clothing

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Ocean Clothing

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Land Furniture

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Ocean Furniture

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