For other years of this party, see New Year's Party.

The New Year's Party 2013 is a party that celebrated the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. It was introduced on December 28, 2012, and remained available until sometime in January 2013.


The party is held in a heavily modified version of Snow Fort Den that has been mirrored with the entire layout flipped horizontally. The den has also been altered to include two ice slides and have a setting of night instead of day. Another difference is that the top of the snow fort has two frozen towers connected by a wooden bridge instead of having only one. Various shapes of fireworks periodically shoot into the night sky above the snow fort.


This party has a clothing, den, and music shop with many returning items from previous years. There are also two ice slides that Jammers can use and multiple carved ice bricks that give the player an item to carry around when they are clicked. The different carved ice blocks include a slice of cake and a lollipop. Outside the fort on the top left side of the party there is a snowman that can be clicked to carry around a miniature version of it.



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Item Type? Gems Members-Only?
PhNe01 Phantom Necklace Neck 400 Yes
FCH00 Freedom Cat Hat Head 400 Yes
Phantom Balloon black Phantom Balloon Body 400 Yes
Hatandcurlywig00 Hat and Curly Wig Head 300 No
MedusaMask01 Medusa Mask Head 1,500 Yes
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Bunny-Hat Freedom Bunny Hat Head 500 No

Den Items

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Item Gems Members-Only?
April-Fools-Party-Shop Upside-Down-Plant Upside Down Plant 123 No
Clover table998 Clover Table 400 Yes
Shop Heart-Couch Heart Couch 250 Yes
Shop Wolf-Firework Wolf Firework 600 Yes
Shop 2013-Banner Blue 2013 Banner 250 No
2013 Firework 2013 Firework 250 Yes


Each music cost 100 Gems and they are all members-only.

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Jammer Anthem Jammer Anthem
Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky
Winter's Dance Winter's Dance
Spooky Old Bones1 Spooky Old Bones


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