The Nature Archway is a members-only land den item. It was released in July 2012 as one of the Monthly Member Gifts. On Feb 21, 2017, four new varieties were released into the Diamond Shop for a limited-time sale of only one week.


This item is stone archway with a small pool at the base that is surrounded by more stone. It comes in four original variants (lava, ice, vines, and flowers) as well as four new variants (snow, moss, cactus, and slime) for a total of eight different varieties.


The lava archway uses dark stone with orange cracks and has animated lava pouring down from the top of the arch into a lava pool at the base.


The ice archway uses light blue stone with has icicles hanging from the arch and a frozen pond at the base.


The vines archway uses dark grey stone that is covered in dark-green, crawling vines and surrounded by patches of grass; it has animated water pouring down from the top of the arch and into a pond at the base.


The flowers archway uses light pink stone that is covered in colorful flowers and surrounded by more flowers at the base; it has animated water pouring down from the top of the arch and into a pond at the base.


The snow archway uses light blue-grey stone for the arch with heavy piles of snow covering much of it. Animated water falls from the top of the arch into a small pond below, and animated snow floats down around the archway as well.


The moss archway uses dark grey stone that has leafy vines growing around the arch with patches of moss growing on the stone as well. Animated water flows from the top of the arch down to the pond below, and small tufts of grass stick up around the rocky edge of the pond.


The cactus archway uses orange-red stone for the arch with three prickly-pear-like cacti growing out at various points. There is animated water pouring down from the top of the arch into a small basin at the bottom, and small tufts of grass are growing around the base.


The slime archway has dark red-pink stone with neon-green cracks in it and sharp, dark vines growing around it. The top of the arch pours out animated, neon-green slime into a puddle at the base.


  • The weather clouds, an earlier collection of member gifts, seem to match the season/theme of each archway: Snow Cloud matches with the ice variant, Lightning Cloud matches with the lava variant, Rainbow Cloud matches with the flower variant, and Rain Cloud matches with the vine variant.
  • The ice variant is the only Nature Archway that is not animated.
  • The Nature Archway is the only animated archway in the game.
  • On February 16, 2017, the original varieties were renamed to "Rare Nature Archway" and they obtained a Rare tag.
    • The original varieties' Rare tag includes a small Diamond icon despite the fact that they were never sold at the Diamond Shop.
  • The original "vines" variety is very similar to the newer moss variety; the main differences being the added moss and the different type of vines for the newer variety.


New Versions

Original "Rare" Versions


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