The Mystery Emporium is a shop located on the third floor of the Chamber of Knowledge. It was first introduced in February 2011. It currently sells Den Portals and stone statues of the Alphas.


The shop is located in a dark brown room that has wood framing lashed together with tan ropes. On the back wall, there is a large, circular window that looks out into a starry night sky. There are two hanging lights on the left side of the shop and interactive candles on the right side, which light when clicked. In the right corner of the shop is an angled desk with a celestial cartography map on it and a model of a solar system hanging above it. During the Solar Eclipse, you could see an eclipse through the window.

The shop floor is decorated with "sale" signs and some of the past items that were once sold there such as the Telescope, the Table With Orb, the Skinny Lamp, and the Floor Lamp.


Available Items

List of Available Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
Shop Stone-Arch-Den-Portal Red Stone Arch Den Portal 1,500 Yes
Shop Stone-Wall-Den-Portal Blue Stone Wall Den Portal 1,500 Yes
Shop Stone-Floor-Den-Portal Yellow Stone Floor Den Portal 1,500 Yes
Shop Sigurd-Statue Sigurd Statue 400 Yes
Shop LaSalle-Statue LaSalle Statue 250 No
Shop Amelia-Statue Amelia Statue 250 Yes
Shop Edmund-Statue Edmund Statue 250 Yes
Shop Marco-Statue Marco Statue 250 No
Shop Sophia-Statue Sophia Statue 250 Yes
Shop Cornelius-Statue Cornelius Statue 250 Yes
Shop Ruby-Statue Ruby Statue 250 Yes
Shop Otto-Statue Otto Statue 250 Yes
Shop Harper-Statue Harper Statue 250 Yes
Shop Graham-Statue Graham Statue 250 No
Cosmo Statue 2 Cosmo Statue 250 Yes
Shop Peck-Statue Peck Statue 250 No
Greely statue Greely Statue 250 Yes
Shop Liza-Statue Liza Statue 250 No
Shop Sir-Gilbert-Statue Sir Gilbert Statue 250 Yes

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Mystery Emporium, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

Formerly Sold Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
Shop Mystery-Emporium Bronze-Giraffe-Statue Bronze Giraffe Statue 200 No


  • This shop originally sold many of the arcade machines that have since been relocated to the Sol Arcade Shop.
  • The Den Portals sold here were originally sold in the Den Portal Shop right outside the Chamber of Knowledge.
  • On August 21, 2017, during the total solar eclipse event, the window showed an eclipse.


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