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The Mushroom Hut is a members-only land den. It is currently available and comes back seasonally.


It is, hence the name, a mushroom house. This den has two floors, and a set of mushroom stairs leading from one floor to another. There is another mushroom cottage, but the player can only walk on the roof of the den. There are a flight of blue mushroom stairs, leading from the roof to the ground. The den also has a pond with a lilypad in it.


  • It was designed by a Jammer on a contest done in the summer where "the bunny alpha" (aka Peck) wanted to see artistic capability.
  • The Mushroom Den came back to stores on November 2013.
  • All wallpapers and floors are themed around being miniature. For example, some will become pencils, coins, spools of thread, etc.
  • If the Blue Sky wallpaper is used in this den, the walls will become similar to the background.
  • This is one of the few non-Diamond Shop dens to feature custom wallpapers and floorings that differ from the defaults.


Unique Patterns

Wall Patterns
Floor Patterns


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