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Mt. Shiveer is a snowy, tundra-themed land high upon a mountain. Mt. Shiveer was first released on January 21, 2011, along with the Seals.


To the middle right, there is a bridge to Sarepia Forest. To the middle left, there is a cave that leads to Crystal Sands. There is a Journey Book activity located here, as well as the mysterious never-breaking Ice Rink, Ice slides, Natural Hot Springs and Hot Cocoa Hut.


  • Ice Rink - A frozen body of water with caution signs pounded into the ice. Jammers can jump on it to crack the ice similar to the bridge in Coral Canyons.
  • Slide - A long, winding patch of ice that starts near the top of the mountain and ends at the bottom. There seems to be a cave under it with what used to be a picture of a seal, but what is now an Arctic Fox.
  • Hot Springs - A geothermally heated pool of water surrounded by fumaroles that spew hot gas into the air. Beneath the fumaroles is a chunk of solid ice that has preserved the body of a plesiosaur that looks like an Elasmosaurus.


  • Hot Cocoa Hut - A large tent with a sign at the entrance that shows a steaming cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows. Inside, the room has a few fur hemmed pillows sprawled on the floor, a Hot Cocoa Machine, and the Shiveer Shoppe that sells typical winter clothing and, occasionally, seasonal items.
  • Shiveer Shoppe - A clothing item store on land that is located in the Hot Cocoa Hut. It can be accessed when a player clicks the clothes line in the bottom left corner of the shop. The shop sells winter-themed clothing.


  • Gem Breaker - It has the same concept as Bubble Shooter. The rules that apply are matching three colored Gems around the phantoms, five to create a combo to earn more point for the score. Once the Gems meet the shooter, the game is over.
  • Hot Cocoa Machine - Not necessarily a tallying game. Customize your beverage by choosing a: teacup, goblet, paper cup, or a bowl. Choose a color: blue, green, pink, or yellow (green is replaced by purple if you choose a paper cup). Choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate hot cocoa. Below there is a lever: green produces the least heat, yellow is an average amount of steam, and red creates a cloud of hot mist. Next use either marshmallows or whipped cream. Lastly select from the: peppermint cane, chocolate wafer sticks, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate shavings, or cinnamon.

Journey Book

Once all of the following Himalayan animals and wildlife are found, the player will win a Red Panda Plushie.

Journey Book of Mt Shiveer

The completed Journey Book page on Mt. Shiveer

Click "show" to see a list of Journey Book features and their locations
  • Partridge - Flies towards the left of the campfire, Southwest.
  • Yak - In the distance near the game Gem Breaker, a herd of Yaks would be found once the fog subsides.
  • Lemming - At the right of the "Ice Slide," towards the beginning of the slope upwards.
  • Himalayan Tahr - This animal is found climbing up in the distant mountains as a small figure, next to the slide, and gets bigger and bigger each time.
  • Himalayan Poppy - Growing close where the Hot Cocoa Hut or Pet Finder is located, at the left side.
  • Hawk Moth - Flutters near the bridge leading to the Sarepia Forest or the rocks.
  • Permafrost - To the right of the warning sign, near the routes leading up the mountains.
  • Gold - Found at the cavern where a sign points towards Crystal Sands.
  • Juniper - Towards the right of the Himalayan Poppies and left of the Hot Springs.
  • Slate - Above the Hot Cocoa Hut, on the side of the cliff.
  • Red Panda - The far left bottom corner, next to the Hot Springs, climbing on the bamboo.


  • The word 'Shiveer' in the land's name is thought to be a play on the word "shiver."
  • On November 25, 2012, Rare Gloves (non-rare at the time) were sold for one day only at the Shiveer Shoppe.
  • In December 2011, the first Reindeer pets were sold in Mt. Shiveer near the Glacier Cave. They were later moved to the Jamaaliday Jam.
  • In April 2012, the Hot Cocoa Machine was sent to members as a Monthly Member Gift.
  • When Coral Canyons is full, the player will be automatically transferred to Mt. Shiveer.
  • There is a cave passageway that leads to Crystal Sands, yet, Mt. Shiveer is nowhere near Crystal Sands on the map. Perhaps the cave tunnels underground.
  • During October 2015, a small carving of an Arctic Fox took the place of the Seal, similar to the carving of a Deer changing to a carving of a Llama in Canyons Pathway. This was revealed to be the hint for the upcoming Arctic Fox.
  • The ice carving next to the slide cannot be seen during the Summer Carnival event because a banner covers that location.
  • This is the last land to be released on Play Wild during the beta stage.



Animal Jam Mysteries Breaking the Ice00:51

Animal Jam Mysteries Breaking the Ice

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