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Mt. Shiveer

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Mt. Shiveer
Important Information
Land or Ocean Land
Attractions Ice Rink, Frozen Slides, Hot Springs
Shops Shiveer Shope
Games Gem Breaker, Hot Cocoa Machine
Habitat Tundra

Mt. Shiveer is a snowy, tundra-themed land high upon a mountain.


To your middle right there is a bridge to Sarepia Forest and to your middle left there is a cave that leads to Crystal Sands. Mt. Shiveer was first released on January 21, 2011 along with Seals. There is a Journey Book (see Journey Book) activity located here as well as the mysterious never-breaking Ice Rink (see Attractions) and the Hot Cocoa Hut (see Shops). Though it is rarely updated, Jammers still visit Mt. Shiveer. It is more of a Trading Post for Jammers, also when Coral Canyons is full, Jammers will be automatically transferred to Mt. Shiveer.


Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 4.00.39 PM

Breaking the ice at Mt. Shiveer

The Ice Rink - A frozen body of water with caution signs pounded in the ice. Genuinely the reason Mt. Shiveer is crowded at times is because of the breaking of the ice, besides the server being full. It is a common mystery whether the ice here can be broken, although it has been disproved by AJHQ (Like the unbreaking bridge in Coral Canyons.)
Animal Jam Mysteries Breaking the Ice00:51

Animal Jam Mysteries Breaking the Ice

The Slide - A long, winding slide that starts near the top of the mountain and ends at the bottom. There seems to be a cave under it with a picture of a seal.

Hot Springs - It is a pool heated geothermally. Nearby the rocks, it embeds ice that preserves the body of a plesiosaur. The steam emerging from the holes are either geysers or fumaroles. Some people like to talk about the radon (a dangerous radioactive gas) that hot springs emit. This is actually true.
Hot spring mt shiveer


The Hot Cocoa Hut is a large tent with a sign of a steaming cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows at the entrance. Inside, the room has a few fur hemmed pillows sprawled on the floor. It's a shop (Called Shiveer Shoppe) that sells typical winter clothing, and the hut includes a Hot Cocoa Machine.

Shiveer Shoppe
Knitted Hat (Member) 250 Gems
Snow Shoes (Member) 250 Gems
Yeti Face (Member) 400 Gems
Snowflake Boots (Member) 450 Gems
Furry Hat (Member) 350 Gems
Quilted Blanket (Non member) 450 Gems
Parka (Member) 200 Gems
Snow Trail Shoes (Member) 550 Gems
Knitted Sweater (Member) 550 Gems
Winter Blanket (Member) 350 Gems
Cozy Shoes (Member) 300 Gems
Winter Hood (Member) 300 Gems
Winter Jacket (Member) 300 Gems
Old Blanket (Non member) 200 Gems
Old Hood (Non member) 80 Gems


Gem Breaker - It has the same concept as Bubble Shooter. The rules that apply are matching three colored Gems around the phantoms, five to create a combo to earn more point for the score. Once the Gems meet the shooter, the message appears "GAME OVER!"

Hot Cocoa Machine - Not necessarily a tallying game. Customize your beverage by choosing a: teacup, goblet, paper cup, or a bowl. Choose a color: red/pink, blue, green, yellow (There is an exception for the paper cup: pink, purples, blue, green/yellow). Decide on whether to have a regular hot cocoa, black hot chocolate, or milk. Below there is a lever: green produces the least heat, yellow is an average amount of steam, and red creates a cloud of hot mist. Next use either marshmallows or whipped cream. Lastly select from the: peppermint cane, chocolate wafer sticks, Chocolate chips, or the powder toppings.

Journey Book

Mt. Shiveer is inhabited by Himalayan animals and wildlife with arctic aspects.

Partridge - Flies towards the left of the campfire, Southwest.

Yak - In the distance near the game Gem Breaker, a herd of Yaks would be found once the fog subsides.

Lemming - At the right of the "Ice Slide," towards the beginning of the slope upwards.

Himalayan Tahr - This animal is found climbing up in the distant mountains as a small figure, next to the slide.

Himalayan Poppy - Growing close where the Hot Cocoa Hut or Pet Finder is located, at the left side.

Hawk Moth - Flutters near the bridge leading to the Sarepia forest or the rocks.

Permafrost - To the right of the warning sign, near the routes leading up the mountains.

Gold - Found at the cavern where a sign points towards Crystal Sands.

Juniper - Towards the right of the Himalayan Poppies and left of the Hot Springs.

Slate - Above the Hot Cocoa Hut, on the side of the cliff.

Red Panda - The far left bottom corner, next to the Hot Springs, climbing on the bamboo.

The prize is a Red Panda Plushie.


Many Jammers believe that the ice in the middle of Mt. Shiveer is breakable with a certain amount of seals, but this has been disproved by Animal Jam Headquarters on The Daily Explorer. 


There are also mysterious sightings of a giant plesiosaur preserved in a pack of ice at the hot springs. 

A mysterious cave near the slide of Mt. Shiveer has a glyph of a seal. This may perhaps mean that it is a spirit stone of the seal. 


  • The word 'Shiveer' out of Mt. Shiveer must be a play on the real word 'Shiver' that is when someone is shaking with cold.
  • Other noticeably features are the two closed off caverns, including the glacier cave with the seal carving overhead (possibly the seal spirit stone).
  • On November 25, 2012, non-member gloves were sold for a one-day-only at the Shiveer Shoppe.
  • In December 2011 the first Reindeer pets were sold in Mt. Shiveer near the glacier cave. Nowadays, the Reindeer pets are only sold at Jamaaliday Jam.
  • In April 2012 the Hot Cocoa Machine was sent to members as a Member Monthly Gift,now being sold in the Diamond shop.
  • If you look closely in the ice in the hot springs you can see plesiosaur from dinosaur era.
  • The Seal spirit stone is located in Mt. Shiveer.


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