For the shop found inside this party, see Monkeys Only Shop.

The Monkeys Only Party is a party in Jamaa that, like the name says, only Monkeys can attend. It was introduced on August 30, 2012, to celebrate the return of the Monkeys. The party was removed from the Parties List starting in December 2015, but it returned on July 7, 2016.


The party takes place in what appears to be a jungle where players can climb around a large tree. The background of the party has the outline of many trees under a blue sky. The main tree has many branches that can be walked on and lead off in different directions.


This party plays the music Monkey Madness in a loop. The music begins with monkey sounds, and then begins on a jungle-like theme, matching the banana tree layout. The Paradise Party also shares this same music, but with no monkey sounds at the beginning.


This party has a shop selling monkey-related items. There is also a Claw Machine at each end of the party's area where the Player is able to obtain monkey Plushies.


  • Clicking on the banana sign on the shop will give the Jammer a holdable banana bunch icon next to their avatar, which will disappear after a while.
  • A banana sometimes appears in the top right corner.


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