For the pet counterpart, see Pet Monkey.


The Monkey is a non-member land animal that was first released on July 17, 2010. They were one of the six original animals released into Animal Jam during the Beta Testing.

Default Appearance

When first purchased, the monkey has blue-gray fur with cream-pink skin on its hands, feet, ears, underside, and face. Also when bought, they have full slanted ebony eyes.


Monkeys left Animal Jam on April 12, 2012; the reason was to raise the awareness of the endangered species list. Throughout the extent of time, the monkey spirit stone was still able to be used. Monkeys can now be purchased by all Jammers for 1,000 Gems. The Play Wild (Game) released this animal in 2015.

The Conservation Museum formerly had a donation box at the right hand side of the entrance, for the purposes of bringing endangered animals to Jamaa. Animal Jam Head Quarters used this box to bring the monkeys back, and present new animals.

On August 30, Jammers finished donating over 1,000,000 Gems in the donation box. As a result, Animal Jam Headquarters brought monkeys back, along with the Monkey pet and the Monkeys Only Party, featuring a jungle-like den.


These are the actions monkeys carry out:
  • Sit
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Monkey Hop
  • Play
Acts Description
Sits in the direction you choose
Does the 'Robot' dance
Curls up
Short distant-jump
Beating chest, then swinging with fists on the ground and flipping


  • In The Great Escape, there is a cave which only Monkeys can open.
  • The Monkey Alpha is Graham.
  • Monkeys were the second animal to go endangered.


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