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This article is about Mira's Statue in Jamaa Township. For den item, see Mira Statue.
Mira's Statue is a statue of Mira, the Sky Mother, found in northern Jamaa Township. It is located in the area where new Jammers formerly received their tutorials. The statue is thought to be very spiritual and keeps Jamaa safe.


Mira's Statue is a representation of the goddess Mira. It shows her standing on a pedestal with wings outstretched and one leg folded. Beams of sunlight and floating specks are shown hovering over it.


  • During The Night of the Phantoms, Mira's Statue is replaced by a Tall Phantom Statue.
  • During the Jamaalidays, Mira's Statue turns to ice.
  • A small, golden representation of Mira, the Mira Statue, was sold in Jam Mart Furniture during the Beta Stage.
  • The golden Mira statue can be seen at the New Year's party.
  • There is an item called "Ice Mira Statue" that is similar to the Jamaalidays Mira statue that can only be obtained in The Forgotten Desert.


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