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And so it was that the Sky father was named Zios. He created many stars and planets and set them in motion. But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the Sky Mother, a gray heron and named her Mira. Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals. They named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and its animals were at peace.
— Animal Jam Headquarters
Mira Heron
Name: Mira
Alias: Sky Mother or Goddess
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Species: Gray Heron
Relationships: Zios (lover), Alphas (allies), Phantoms (enemies)

Mira is the Mother and Goddess of Jamaa, according to the legend told by Liza. She hasn't fully appeared to any Jammer, but her statue is found in Jamaa Township and when Jammers dance around the Fire Pit in Sarepia Forest a blue flame of Mira appears (unknown if it is a illusion or not). She is also the lover of Zios and the cause of Jamaa's main antagonists; the Phantoms.


Mira is a bird (specifically confirmed as a Gray Heron) that is mostly blue. She has large wings and has a tuft of feathers on her chest. Her neck color is somewhat green and resembles more of a Phoenix than a Heron.


  • The meaning of Mira comes from the Indian origin meaning Mythical Princess, however the Hebrew's meaning of Mira is Bitter or Rebellious. Mira also refers to the star Mira. This is an unusual star, that has a comet tail.
  • Mira is still alive, just gone, as hinted during the Jamaalidays 2010. During this time it was noted that Mira was in retirement and now spends her time making new items for her beloved Jammers.
  • Most Jammers believe she is a Blue Heron, despite that AJHQ confirmed that Mira was a Gray Heron. This theory might have been supported by the Blue Heron boat that new Jammers use to travel to Jamaa.


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