For the shop found inside this party, see Lucky Shop.

The Lucky Party is a party that celebrates Lucky Day. It was first introduced during March 2012 and it appears each year around late February, typically lasting until late March. This party can be accessed by any Jammer.


This party takes place in a lucky/green-themed Small House Den that is decorated with a large variety of clover-themed items. The outside area features a green stone pathway, which is outlined with white bricks, that circles around a large clover-shaped patch of clovers and then leads to the house. The grass is covered in patches of clovers scattered around and there is a Wishing Well off to one side.

The inside of the house has lime-green wooden floorboards, green four-leaved clover wallpaper, and many clover-themed furniture items such as the Lucky Fireplace, Lucky Sconce, as well as some of the items that are sold in the party. The backyard area of the house has a green stone porch, which is also lined with white bricks, that is surrounded by Grass With Worms with a Rare Wood Fence blocking the side. The music playing in this party is Happy-Go-Lucky.



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