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Lucky Clovers is the fifth seasonal adventure and the sixteenth official adventure in Jamaa. It was released on March 4, 2015, and it returns during the Lucky Day celebrations. It is available to all Jammers with any land or air animal.


Lucky-Clovers Patrick-Treasure-Chests

Patrick and the treasure chests

  • Patrick greets the player and explains that he needs help collecting Lucky Clovers (four-leaved clovers) that are scattered around the land.
    • Some four-leaved clovers are positioned on small, raised islands that have clover pressure plates in front of them. When each pressure plate has a Jammer dancing on it, a stairway appears that allows land animals to reach the four-leaved clover on the top. While flying animals don't need the stairway to get at the tops of these islands, they can dance on a pressure plate and help land animals reach the top.
    • Some of the clovers are clearly divided into each of the four "leaf" sections of the clover-shaped map such as 10 on the bottom, 10 on the right, and 11 on the top. However, there is not a clear boundary that divides the remaining 19 clovers between the center and the left.
  • Patrick rewards the player with a Clover Key each time they collect 10 Lucky Clovers, which can then be used to unlock one of the four smaller treasure chests surrounding the Epic Treasure Chest next to Patrick.
  • After the player collects all 50 clovers, Patrick gives them the Epic Key, which can then be used to unlock the Epic Treasure Chest.
  • The Player can also find small Pot of Gems that contain Gems when clicked, these contain 25-250 Gems.

Small Treasure Rewards

The small chest rewards consist of lucky-themed den items that are only available from this adventure.

Left Treasure Chest

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Bagpipes Bagpipes Clover Treasure Clover Treasure
Lucky Cookies Lucky Cookies Lucky Candle Lucky Candle
Lucky-Clovers NM Clover-Window Clover Window Lucky-Clovers Clover-Pond Clover Pond
Lucky-Clovers Spilled-Flower-Bucket Spilled Flower Bucket Lucky-Clovers Lucky-Day-Archway Lucky Day Archway
Lucky-Clovers Clover-Wall-Art Clover Wall Art Lucky-Clovers Clover-Bean-Bag Clover Bean Bag

Bottom-Left Treasure Chest

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Bodran Drum Bodran Drum Lucky-Clovers-Treasure Golden-Pathway Golden Pathway
Lucky Birdhouse Lucky Birdhouse Mystical Standing Stones Mystical Standing Stones
Lucky-Clovers Small-Standing-Stone Small Standing Stone Shamrock Rug Shamrock Rug
Lucky-Clovers NM Celtic-Window Celtic Window Lucky-Clovers Round-Celtic-Window Round Celtic Window
Lucky-Clovers Clover-Strand Clover Strand Lucky-Clovers Lucky-Horseshoe-Pond Lucky Horseshoe Pond

Bottom-Right Treasure Chest

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Blacksmith's Anvil Blacksmith's Anvil Golden Clover Golden Clover
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Lamp Lucky Lamp Lucky-Clovers M Lucky-Dinner-Table Lucky Dinner Table
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Pillow Lucky Pillow Lucky-Clovers M Lucky-Fireplace Lucky Fireplace
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Shoji-Screen Lucky Shoji Screen Lucky-Clovers M Lucky-Stone-Pathway Lucky Stone Pathway
Lucky-Clovers Clover-Stool Clover Stool Lucky-Clovers Lucky-Horseshoe-Armchair Lucky Horseshoe Armchair

Right Treasure Chest

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Large Standing Stone Large Standing Stone Ancient Tower Ancient Tower
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Chair Lucky Chair Lucky-Clovers M Clover-Trees Clover Trees
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Table Lucky Table Lucky-Clovers M Giant-Clover-Patch Giant Clover Patch
Lucky-Clovers NM Lucky-Wreath Lucky Wreath Lucky-Clovers M Lucky-Sconce Lucky Sconce
Lucky-Clovers Stack-Of-Gold-Coins Stack Of Gold Coins Lucky-Clovers Shamrock-Lamp Shamrock Lamp
Lucky-Clovers Lucky-Horseshoe-Window Lucky Horseshoe Window Pile of gold coins Pile Of Gold Coins

Epic Treasure Rewards

The large chest rewards consist of clothing, some of which have golden rare tags. The list of possible rewards includes, but is not limited to:

Here are some prizes seen on the slideshow to the right side


This list contains non-rare items.
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This list contains rare items.
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This list contains member rare items.
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  • Scattered around the adventure are decorative houses hollowed into the sides of giant tree stumps for the various NPCs. The front of each house is decorated with a wooden door, a Wall Torch, a Welcome Mat, and a Barrel.
  • On every small island, there are five bags full of 25 Gems each that surround the four-leaf clover.
  • The map of the adventure is shaped like a shamrock/four leaf clover.
  • Flying animals can fly over most of the trees and other obstacles, including the small islands that contain the gem bags and clover.
  • Some of the non-member rewards in the Epic Treasure Chest also appear in the members-only chest.
  • There was a glitch during March 3, 2016, where the player could pick up a clover, move, and then quickly spam-click on the pick-up icon that remained after the clover was picked up, allowing the player to pick up multiple (1 - 5) clovers at a time and to complete the adventure faster, however, this glitch was patched as of March 4, 2016.
  • The player can also find small black cauldrons full of Gems, which reward 25-250 Gems when clicked. These appear and disappear randomly around the map.
  • There are 4 secret areas, one in each petal of the clover, which contain pots of Gems. Only one area is open at a time. It closes after all players leave it, and one of the other secret areas opens.
    • There was a glitch with the top-right secret area where if the player moves behind the wooden bench, the area will close as if no Jammers are inside and the player will be stuck until the other areas are cleared.
    • There is a glitch with the left and bottom-right secret areas where flying animals can get inside the areas while they are closed by using the arrow-keys to navigate a narrow path.
  • On March 17, 2016 and March 17, 2017, an update to the adventure changed the small islands so that they would only need two Jammers to dance instead of four.

Differences in 2015

  • In the original adventure, the four-leaved clovers were called Clover Keys and they could only be held one at a time to unlock nearby chests; they were renamed to Lucky Clovers and were given a different purpose in 2016.
  • The goal of the original adventure was to unlock all of the 50 small chests scattered around the map in order to obtain the Epic Clover Key, which unlocks the Epic Treasure Chest at the center. This goal was simplified by eliminating the 50 small chests in 2016.
  • In the original version, there was a common glitch where the epic key wasn't received when the player unlocked all of the small chests, though this glitch was patched before the adventure ended in 2015.
  • The original adventure rewarded the non-member X Marks The Spot and the members-only Lucky Wardrobe, but these were removed from the adventure in 2016.


Hidden Areas



  • Patrick's initial greeting
  • Patrick's response after 10 Lucky Clovers are collected
  • Patrick's response after 20 Lucky Clovers are collected
  • Patrick's response after 30 Lucky Clovers are collected
  • Patrick's response after 40 Lucky Clovers are collected
  • Patrick's response after all 50 Lucky Clovers are collected
  • Patrick's message after the player claims their prize from the Epic Treasure Chest
  • Patrick's final message at the end of the adventure

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