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Lost Temple Of Zios
Animal Jam Lost Temple of Zios01:23

Animal Jam Lost Temple of Zios

Important Information
Land or Ocean Land
Attractions Brady Barr's Lab, Chamber Of Knowledge, Zios Idol, Portal to Adventures
Shops Mystery Emporium
Games Falling Phantoms, Temple of Trivia, Swoopy Eagle
Habitat Jungle
Animal Jam OST - Temple of Zios

The Lost Temple of Zios was one of the few original lands in Animal Jam. It is a jungle-themed area in Jamaa. It has a river flowing by the east side, along with vines and other jungle-like features. To the east there's Jamaa Township, to the southwest there's Crystal Sands, and to the northwest there's Sarepia Forest. In the middle of the land there's a statue of Zios, the creator of Jamaa. The Adventure Base Camp is accessible here. 


Brady Barr's Lab - When you first enter the lab, you are introduced to Doctor Brady Barr, a scientist who studies animals and nature (Herpetologist, a person who studies reptiles). This is where Brady exhibits his gears, gadgets and gizmos in experiments. Jammers may also send questions to Dr. Brady here to have them answered, possibly in videos! On the map, Jammers can see the answers to other's questions or ask Brady. There are photos, reptile tanks, desks, books, and outright many odd contraptions. The crocodile suit, snakebot, and rubber foot would display a window with a video about the object. Brady Barr's Lab is now updated, and it has a new feature in it called Brady's Theater, where you can watch educational videos.

Chamber of Knowledge (Also known as the Chamber of Mysteries) - There are three floors in the Chamber of Knowledge. The first room is a grand library with numerous pictures, scrolls, worn books crammed in shelves and spread about, samples of crystals, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. There are carpets, a locked attic, a ladder, and a compass- like design drawn on the stone floor. Great stone pillars support the roof and flames light the room. National Geographic children books can be read here! The first book is "Frogs!" by Elizabeth Carney, "Butterflies" by Laura Marsh, and "Pandas" by Anne Schreiber. The second room mostly contains armor, weaponry, and the busts of the six original shamans. It appears Greely's bust is a good distance away from the other five, yet near Mira says. A large tapestry can be seen, the story of Mira and the creation of phantoms corrupting. The final floor is the Mystery Emporium. The Chamber of Knowledge contains two games, both on the second floor: Mira Says and Gem Ball

Severed Statue - In the middle of the clearing, there is a broken statue. What many Jammers do not know is that the statue is actually a statue of a throne dedicated to Zios (The reason why the 

Animal Jam Mysteries The Zios Idol01:00

Animal Jam Mysteries The Zios Idol

area is titled "Temple of Zios"). If you have more than three Jammers sleeping next to it, several phantoms emerge from the cracks. There are several rumors saying if you get enought people to sleep next to it you will get rares (much like the ice myth in Mt. Shiveer), though this is not true. The statue looks like the part in Return of the Alphas where Zios is destroyed, and the result. The legend from the ancient scriptures (deleted page) claims that when Zios was destroyed, Mira was so devastated she nearly destroyed Jamaa.

Items Sold

  Mystery Emporium
(There have been items that have been discontinued and have been crossed out.)
Zios Fountain 750 Gems
Amelia Statue 250 Gems

Edmund Statue

250 Gems
Marco Statue 250 Gems

Sophia Statue

250 Gems
Cornelius Statue 250 Gems
Ruby Statue 250 Gems
Otto Statue 250 Gems
Harper Statue 250 Gems
Graham Statue 250 Gems
Cosmo Statue 250 Gems
Peck Statue 250 Gems
Greely Statue 250 Gems
Liza Statue 250 Gems

Sir Gilbert Statue

250 Gems
Pink Chest 175 Gems
Pirate Chest 200 Gems
Wishing Well 300 Gems
Table with Orb 350 Gems
Bronze Giraffe Statue 200 Gems
Magic Mirror 350 Gems
Skinny Lamp 250 Gems
Telescope 300 Gems
Floor Lamp 300 Gems


Temple of Trivia - Use your mouse to answer all of the trivia questions correctly. The quicker you finish the question, the more Gems you earn!

Brady Barr Chemistry Set - Create a potion of any color you like using the red, green, and blue liquids, secondly click the bottle you would like to use. Afterwards click the original [spherical] bottle, and now you have a potion! You can earn the "Chemist!" achievement if you do all the potion colors 3 times and the flame 3 times. If you do that, you will be holding a test tube unlike the shown tubes that changes colors.

Gem Ball - Click or hold the mouse to launch the ball [Try to aim at the three suns]. Earn bonus Gems by lighting all three suns! If you miss, you earn zero, one, two, or three Gems. You have ten chances. This game is a bit like the Swedish game Fortuna. 

Mira Says - This is a memory game. Copy the patterns of the color and sounds. If you continue copying the patterns correctly, the long the pattern gets. Copy the pattern quickly for more points!

Falling Phantoms - Use your arrow keys to move your avatar. Avoid all of the phantoms to be the last one standing. Earn bonus Gems by lasting until the timer runs out!

Swoopy Eagle - Use your mouse to make the eagle fly through cacti columns. This game is very similar to Flappy Bird.

Journey Book (Spoiler Alert!)

The prize for completing this Journey Book page is an Elephant Throne.

Hibiscus - To the left of the Chamber Of Knowledge.

Praying Mantis - To the left of Brady Barr's Laboratory atop a bush.

Monitor Lizard - Will crawl on a rock just below the entrance to Brady Barr's Laboratory.

Vine Snake - Hanging from a tree to the right of Brady Barr's Laboratory.

Dragonfly - Flying around the whole area every now and then.

Water Strider - Will swim outside a cave South West of the Chamber Of Knowledge.

Pitcher Plant - Hanging on the right of the Temple Of Trivia.

Colugo - Will climb down the wall to get into the adventure base camp on the right.

Needle Fish - Swim in the water around the cave the water strider in; near the bridge of stones in the water.

Tortoise - Will craw out from behind the yellow/golden rock near the entrance of Crystal Sands.

Python - Click the mouse to the left of Brady Barr's Laboratory and the python will slither down.


  • Swoopy Eagle is only available to flying animals, as it sits high atop The Chamber of Knowledge
  • There used to be a statue of a monkey instead of the broken statue of Zios during Beta Testing, however, AJHQ removed this later on.


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