This article is about the game. For the item, see Long Shot (Item).
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Long Shot is a single-player mini-game that was introduced during September 2010, right after Beta Testing ended. It is located in Coral Canyons and the Sol Arcade.


In Long Shot, the player plays as an armadillo on a slingshot-like machine handled by another armadillo. The player must wait for the right timing before clicking, which lets the armadillo be flung away. The armadillo may go no distance at all, or go a very far distance. If the armadillo goes a very far distance, it will travel through the desert and will pass through a series of environmental stages such as earth, fire, snow, and water.


  • The mobile game Play Wild has its own version of this mini-game. In the mobile version, the player can tap and hold the screen for a few seconds to perform tricks while in the air to earn more gems, but if a trick is failed, the player will lose speed. Also, the mobile version has music playing in the background, whereas this version does not.


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Long Shot:

Achievements Description
Far! Far! Play Long Shot 10 times
Farther! Farther! Play Long Shot 20 times
Farthest! Farthest! Play Long Shot 35 times
Fartherest! Fartherest! Play Long Shot 50 times
10,000 Plus! 10,000 Plus! Reach a distance of 10,000+ in Long Shot
20,000 Plus! 20,000 Plus! Reach a distance of 20,000+ in Long Shot


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