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Lit Topiaries are a series of members-only land den items that return seasonally each year during the Jamaalidays. These topiaries were originally sold at Treetop Gardens, but they were later relocated to the Topiary Shop.


They are animal-shaped shrubs with added snow and lights. Each topiary is interactive: when clicked, the snow on the topiary is removed or added.


Each item in this set costs 500 Gems. This is a list of the items:

Click Expand to view
Den Item
Topiary-Shop Lit-Fox-Topiary Snow Lit Fox Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Wolf-Topiary Snow Lit Wolf Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Raccoon-Topiary Snow Lit Raccoon Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Crocodile-Topiary Snow Lit Crocodile Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Deer-Topiary Snow Lit Deer Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Giraffe-Topiary Snow Lit Giraffe Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Horse-Topiary Snow Lit Horse Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Bunny-Topiary Snow Lit Bunny Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Penguin-Topiary Snow Lit Penguin Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Koala-Topiary Snow Lit Koala Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Panda-Topiary Snow Lit Panda Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Monkey-Topiary Snow Lit Monkey Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Tiger-Topiary Snow Lit Tiger Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Seal-Topiary Snow Lit Seal Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Elephant-Topiary Snow Lit Elephant Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Rhino-Topiary Snow Lit Rhino Topiary
Topiary-Shop Polar-Bear-Topiary Snow Polar Bear Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Otter-Topiary Snow Lit Otter Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Lion-Topiary Snow Lit Lion Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Snow-Leopard-Topiary Snow Lit Snow Leopard Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Kangaroo-Topiary Snow Lit Kangaroo Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Eagle-Topiary Snow Lit Eagle Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Arctic-Wolf-Topiary Snow Lit Arctic Wolf Topiary
Topiary-Shop Lit-Hyena-Topiary Snow Lit Hyena Topiary
Lit Goat Topiary Lit Goat Topiary
Lit Pig Topiary Lit Pig Topiary
Lit Toucan Topiary Lit Toucan Topiary
Lit Lemur Topiary Lit Lemur Topiary
Lit Falcon Topiary Lit Falcon Topiary
Lit Sloth Topiary Lit Sloth Topiary
Lit Lynx Topiary Lit Lynx Topiary
Lit Arctic Fox Topiary Lit Arctic Fox Topiary


  • These are based on the original topiaries that were once sold at the Conservation Museum.
  • All of the items in this set have "Lit" at the start of their name except for the Polar Bear Topiary, which has the same name as its regular topiary counterpart.