The Lit Ornamental Cedar is a members-only land den item. It was first released during December 2010 in Jam Mart Furniture. It is a seasonal item that returns every year in different stores, most recently in Treetop Gardens, during the Jamaalidays.


The Lit Ornamental Cedar is a pine-like cedar tree with a string of red, yellow, and green Christmas lights on it. It is potted in a base that is decorated and shaped like a rounded holiday tree ornament. It comes in only one variety.


  • It is one of three lit trees that appear for the Jamaalidays. The other two are the Lit Palm Tree and the Lit Baobab Tree.
  • On its first release, it only cost 200 Gems.
  • On its second release in 2011, it was relocated to the Animal Museum in Appondale and its price was raised to 250 Gems.
  • On its third release in 2012, it was relocated once again to Jam Mart Furniture, but it was later moved to the Treetop Gardens on its fourth release in 2013.
  • It can be won as a prize from The Forgotten Desert.
  • This is commonly mistaken for a Den Beta, however, it is not.